8 Things to Look Before Owning a Gaming Computer Tower

Gaming Tower

Are you looking to explore the world of gaming through real-life experiences? If so, gaming desktops are suitable for you. Since buying a PC is a big investment, you must research before choosing one. There are multiple things to consider, like RAM, processor, storage, and other specs.

A gaming PC tower is a desktop that has built-in features to increase the performance of modern games. You can easily play power-draining games such as Roblox, Minecraft Valorant, League of Nations, etc. As usual, performance depends on the system’s components, it is important to glance at the importance of different components.

Let’s check them as they matter most while owning a gaming desktop:

Take a look at the details carefully:


A processor of a system helps interpret most of the computer’s commands. It is the heart of the best gaming computer, which can affect the performance of a game. The most important thing is the processor core count.

Go with the options available in the range of 2 to 16 cores in the mainstream space. Opt for higher-priced quad-core processors, as many modern games like Castle Crashers, Alan Wake, and Brain Age need advanced processing.

Solid-state drives:

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are not only faster but also more affordable in comparison to their counterparts. You can play heavy-duty games at superior speeds. Simultaneously, SSDs also reduce the load times of these games.

Find key benefits of SSDs for gaming:

  • They allow fastening of the OS boot times. A new PC can boot itself in a fraction of a second.
  • While playing modern games, you need hundreds of megabytes of data transfers. SSDs help you achieve this.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is the key component of a gaming computer. You can easily add more RAM to boost the device’s responsiveness and improve FPS (frames per second). If you are playing older games in your system, then 8GB of RAM is optimal.

RAM requirements of some popular games:

  • Fortnite: 8 GB minimum, but 16 GB is recommended.
  • Doom External needs a minimum of 8GB of RAM.
  • Half-life: Alyx requires 12GB of RAM.

Graphics Card (GPU):

Simply, GPU is the brain of your system. A tower computer gamer PC has components for rendering the best graphics on your system while playing games. It has two types:

  1. Integrated GPU: An integrated GPU doesn’t come with a separate card. It gets embedded alongside the CPU. If you are playing games with high-power consumption, these graphics are unsuitable for you.
  2. Discrete GPU: A discrete GPU is basically a distinct chip that gets mounted on its circuit board and attached to the PCI Express unit. With the help of these graphics, you can easily process information while playing AAA games. It helps in freeing the CPU space, which offers cooling during play.

Audio Peripherals:

Yeah, of course! Sound can increase your gaming experience and offer a more immersive touch. Even if you are not an audiophile, quality sound is imperative while immersing yourself in your gaming experience. If you play games with your friends or stream on Twitch or YouTube, the audio considerations become more important.

  • Sounds help in adding emotion to your gaming experience.
  • It helps in exploring more while playing games.


Nowadays, gaming computers come in different shapes and sizes. Many are small, which suits gamers who lack space, but these models have no option for future upgrades. Check out the options available for you:

Mid-tower models can easily fit in a typical desk and are available for upgradability and cooling.

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Full tower models can easily make you comfortable with your gaming experience but need a big space.


Gaming keyboards are important for reflexes in the online games you play. You need to choose between key type, keyboard layout, and the connectivity of the keyboard. Typically, the keyboard assists in playing adventurous games such as Grim Fandango, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle, Night in the Woods, and Beneath A Steel Sky, where you need a fraction of a second to type a key.


Cooling allows you to reduce the temperature of different components of your system. An ideal setup keeps all the components cool and offers a smoother gaming experience. Cooling offers the benefits like:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Improved overclocking potential.
  • Reduced noise while playing heavy-duty games.
  • Sustaining at a cool temperature for more periods.

Wrapping Up:

As we have covered multiple components of the best tower gamer that are important for gaming, do consider them when owning a gaming desktop to have a comfortable gaming experience. At times, it will help in competitive gaming (increasing your game performance).

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