App-Tastic Video Marketing Strategies for Success

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The technological revolutions have changed the way we live our lives today. Today, there are more than five billion cell phone users in the world. In addition, you can find millions of apps (applications) in the app stores. The competition is growing, too, when it comes to apps. By the same token, video marketing strategies alongside animated marketing video production, have become important for businesses.

Moreover, you need to come up with brilliant strategies for video marketing to stand out in the competition. Luckily, there are ways you can accomplish that, which we shall also tell you about. But before diving into those app-tastic strategies, we want you to understand the power of marketing videos for promoting apps.

The Power of Videos for Marketing for Promoting Apps 

If you use videos to promote your apps, you can take your business to new heights. Moreover, using animated videos for that purpose will make your apps more appealing to the audience. Besides, statistics also reveal the power of videos when it comes to using them for marketing. We have mentioned some of those stats below:

  • It is 27 times more likely for people to click on video ads as compared to images or text.
  • Videos get 1200 percent more shares than other content formats.
  • Videos help businesses drive 80 percent more conversions.

Aside from these facts, videos for marketing prove beneficial for businesses in a number of ways. We have mentioned below the noticeable benefits of videos when it comes to marketing:

  1. Videos communicate well when it comes to delivering the business message to the audience.
  2. Furthermore, they aid brands in increasing their visibility.
  3. In addition, videos help businesses boost rankings in search results.
  4. Most importantly, videos for marketing help businesses generate a higher ROI.

Considering the aforementioned stats and benefits of marketing videos, you can realize their importance. Next, we are going to tell you about top app-tastic video marketing strategies.

Tried-and-Tested App-Tastic Video Marketing Strategies

Mentioned below are tried-and-tested app-tastic strategies for video marketing:

Come up with Good Video Content 

No marketing strategy works without good content, and video marketing is no different. For the same reason, you must do your research first prior to creating video content and know your marketing goals. It will aid you in coming up with an app-tastic video to successfully promote your app. 

Besides, your video content should have the power the grab your audience’s attention and hold it. It is also what good video content for marketing is all about. You may take ideas from competitors to create your content but make sure your content is original. 

Do Not Compromise on the Video Quality

The video quality is something that you cannot ignore while creating videos for marketing. Not to mention, a video with poor quality is not going to impress your audience. Instead, it will lead them to look for another video targeting their needs. Therefore, you should not compromise your video quality to advertise your app. Also, consider the technical facts, such as aspect ratio, contrast, and the color scheme of your video.

Create an Interactive Video

Use out-of-the-box thinking to come up with a creative and interactive video to promote your app. Investing in the best animated marketing video production will surely help you in this regard. 

Not to mention, animated explainer videos have the power to lure viewers and capture their attention. For the same reason, you may invest in an explainer video to best communicate about your app with the audience.

Create a Strong Description for the Video

If you want more people to view your video, a strong description can help you. Make sure the description you create for the video is concise yet clear. We suggest you keep your language simple and free from technical jargon. Also, avoid including unnecessary information in the description. Contingent on the video and platform you choose, you can also add links in the description.

Use an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

A video thumbnail is what users see prior to opening or watching the video. By the same token, you should create an eye-catching thumbnail for your video to entice your viewers to open it. 

Not to mention, videos with alluring thumbnails get more viewers on the best video-sharing platform, “YouTube.” Therefore, come up with a compelling thumbnail for a promotional video about your app to draw viewers to watch it.

Include a Call to Action (CTA) in Your Video

Usually, users won’t take the action you want them to take if you do not encourage them to. Including a CTA in the video allows you to do that perfectly. You can add CTAs like Subscribe, Install, Follow, etc., in the promotional video about your app. Adding it will evoke your users to take the desired action. Besides, it is best to place a CTA at the end of your video.

Exploit Optimization Techniques

Capitalizing on the optimization techniques, you can aid your marketing video to rank higher in search results. Using the title, tags, and optimization tools can help you make your app video rank higher; thus, exploit them.

Reward for Referrals

Rewarding the users for referrals is another app-tastic video marketing strategy that you may use. Besides, many businesses are already using the same strategy. You can earn brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth support if you reward users who refer your app video to others. 

Not to mention, this strategy will help you establish long-term and profitable relationships with your customers plus reach potential buyers. Therefore, you should use this strategy after confidently investing in animated marketing video production to promote your app.

Share the Video on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing that businesses have these days. You should also take advantage of it and share your promotional video on popular social media platforms. Sharing your video on social media platforms will help you build traffic towards your app. In addition, it will also help you get real-time and instant feedback.

Partner with Influencers

Last but not least, partnering with influencers can also help you reach a wider audience. When you compile influencers’ videos talking about your app, your app will get the promotion it deserves. Most importantly, it will inspire your audience to finally buy and try your app.

These are app-tastic video marketing strategies that can help you promote your app to the masses. Not to mention, exploiting these strategies will help you reach a massive audience. Eventually, it will make your prospects start trusting your product and buying it. Thus, capitalize on these video marketing strategies once you are done creating your promotional video.


This is a technological era where we see billions of smartphone users and millions of smartphone apps. However, the competition for smartphone apps is growing, too. For the same reason, you need to come up with app-tastic strategies to promote your app. Investing in animated marketing video production can certainly help you create a one-of-a-kind video for marketing. At the same time, you will need to use video marketing well to promote your app. Top app-tastic strategies can help you in this regard. Good video content, optimization techniques, and influencer partnerships, to name some of them. Lastly, make sure to exploit the app-tastic strategies we mentioned to successfully promote your app and let users buy it.  

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