The best AC brands in India that sell 1.5-ton AC for Indian households

AC 1.5 Ton

Air conditioners have become an indispensable part of Indian homes, not just in the summer months but almost throughout the year. The soothing chillness and the relaxing experience that an air conditioner offers have no bounds to explain. Several best AC brands in India offer air conditioners in different tonnages to help us enjoy this relaxing feel. Let us discuss the top brands of air conditioners that are transforming our lives and homes for the better. 

Top Air Conditioner brands in India

With rapid technological expansion, several new manufacturers are entering the smart appliances sector. They manufacture air conditioners with varied features and within the people’s budget. The top AC brands in India are as follows.

  1. LG air conditioners:

LG is India’s top electronics brand, offering a range of home appliances with ample features. The 1.5-ton AC from LG is a budget variant capable of cooking medium-sized rooms. The best feature of the LG air conditioners is that they come with the NexGen Dehumidifier and filters to prevent dust and bacteria. They are also capable of removing bacteria and visible dust particles that are present in the air.

 2. Voltas air conditioner:

Voltas is a leading and popular AC brand in India that offers the best and the most cost-effective ACs for homes and offices in different tonnages. The 1.5-ton AC from Voltas has an anti-bacterial filter, anti-fungal cleanser, anti-dust filter, etc., to remove invisible particles and hazardous smoke from the air. 

3. Carrier Midea

Carrier Midea is a joint venture between the most popular brands, CArrier and Midea, and has been offering exceptional air-conditioning solutions since 1902. This is one of the best AC brands in India that offers high-quality, highly efficient and innovative air conditioning solutions. It offers 1.5-ton AC in both windows and split variants and offers hybrid jet innovative technology in its appliances. Their appliances are extremely reliable, efficient and affordable as well.

4. Hitachi:

Hitachi, a top-selling AC brand in India, offers air conditioners in different tonnages for uniform cooling. They are known to have the best energy star ratings and are available in split, window, and inverter split variants. They also have additional features such as auto cleaning features, four-way air swing, etc. 

5. Samsung:

It is also the largest manufacturer of 1.5-ton ACs in India and is one of the best-recognized brands in India. The Samsung air conditioners have the best new age features such as copper condenser, digital inverter, etc. They also have anti-bacterial filters and self-diagnostic features in them. 

Advantages of picking up 1.5 ton Air Conditioner:

Generally, people decide on the tonnage of their air conditioner depending on the size of their room. Small rooms can suffice 1 ton AC, whereas rooms over 150 sq. ft in area require 1.5 ton AC. Otherwise, the appliance has to work extra to cool the room, which again incurs additional power consumption. The other advantages of picking a 1.5 ton AC are as follows.

  • The price difference between 1 ton and 1.5 ton AC is not much. Thus, going for an appliance with a higher tonnage is better.
  • Generally, 1.5-ton air conditioners will have a higher energy star rating, reflecting positively on energy consumption.
  • They are great in cooling bigger rooms and when more people occupy the same room. Some appliances take the headcount into consideration and cool the room accordingly. 
  • Most 1.5-ton ACs come with diverse features such as an anti-bacterial filter, dehumidifier, anti-dust filter, etc. 


  1. How should we calculate the AC tonnage for the room?

In order to calculate the tonnage of the air conditioner, we have to take a number of factors into account. This includes the total square feet area of the room, the total number of BTUs to cool the space adequately, etc. 

Our top pick:

Carrier Midea is our top pick as the best AC brand in India, as its appliances come with a load of features such as turbo mode, anti-dist feature, self-diagnosis mode, etc. They also have other features, such as a NexGen dehumidifier and anti-dust and anti-bacterial filters. Above all, the air conditioners from Carrier Midea are affordable and stay well within the budget of the buyers. 

Bottom Line:

It is important to choose the right type of AC at the right tonnage to cool the room effectively and without affecting the utility bills. We hope our guide helps you pick the right air conditioner for staying comfortable at home and in the office all year long.

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