Brahmatal Trek: Exploring The Mythical Lake And Snow-Covered Peaks


Ever heard of the Himalayan gem Brahmatal Trek? One of the most talked treks ever among trekkers of all levels. Its charming side in winter, dense forest of Himalayan trees and the mythological connection makes it one of the hidden treasures in the corridors of Himalayas. In this article, you are going to know about the beauty of Brahmatal Trek, particularly the transformed winter wonderland.

Know-bouts of Brahmatal Trek

The name ‘Brahmatal Trek’ comes from the sacred Brahmatal lake that is situated at an altitude of 12,250 feet above the sea level. According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma meditated here for a long period. On reaching the top, during the alpine trees and snow-capped mountains, you will witness the magical Brahmatal lake.

A Winter’s Charm: Brahmatal Trek in December

If you come here during December, you will see the transformed side of Brahmatal Trek. This transformation is etched beautifully through the coat of snow layers enveloped on the sacred land. The glistening surface slightly give a touch of fairy tale that we once heard in our childhood story book. Often this place is explored by the winter admirers to catch a glimpse of the frozen Brahmatal Lake.

Highlights During the Winters

Ø  Snow-capped peaks – It is surrounded by the surreal snow-capped peaks of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti. In December, the sight is truly blissful and charming for the visitors.

Ø  Alpine Meadows – As you move ahead in your journey, you will pass through tall alpine meadows which will be dotted with white snow, offering a panoramic sight.

Ø  Winter Wonderland – You will see a magical Himalaya during this time. No other season holds the blend of tranquillity and mystic factors at the same time.

Brahmatal Trek: A Mystical Journey

This trek is one of those which stays open throughout the year. It relates with the Hindu Mythology, as the creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma, visited this site for meditation for thousands of years. Since then, people has always marked it as a sacred site. Amidst the frozen lake, when someone sit and relax, gets bound with the charm of the surrounded alpine and deodar meadows and enjoys the peace it offers.

Challenging Yet Rewarding

Brahmatal Trek in December is not without its challenges. For the beginners, it might seem difficult during several phases of trekking. The icy steep paths and sharp descents are something that seeks more attention. You must be careful while stepping down the trails as you move ahead to witness the unimaginable reward. The feeling of achievement runs down to your spine and your experience boasts with true happiness when you finally make it to the top of the trek to find the magical frozen lake.

Preparation and Tips for Brahmatal Trek in December

Before embarking on the Brahmatal Trek in December, it is essential to be well prepared. Following are some points to tackle strong winters:

Ø  Warm Clothing – The temperature here slips down to -120 C, making it difficult to survive. In such circumstances, you should be well equipped with your winter wears like thermal innerwear, fleece jackets, down jacket, and waterproof outer shells to overcome the harsh cold winters.

Ø  Proper Footwear – Take a good quality insulated boots that will not just only help you with cold but also get you good friction while trekking the trails.

Ø  Sleeping Bag – Having proper rest in your journey is important, and attaining that, a cold-weather sleeping bag, suitable in below 00 C will be helpful.

Ø  Acclimatisation – Without adjusting your body condition to the outside environment, shall be dangerous for your health. It is advised that you should keep your pace slow and steady to preserve energy for your body. It will be best to start your journey through a low terrain.


The Brahmatal Trek is all you need in the month of winters. Your sight will be full of stunning views and your mind will be encapsulated by its mystical significance. On the other side, the warm hospitality of the local people is going to melt your heart. So, altogether makes it a must visit place in the month of December.  

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