Brewery Culture in Birmingham: Striving for a Perfect Pint of Ale

For the British beer is not just a light alcoholic drink. “Hop juice” has become a crucial part of the UK traditions and culture. The majority of beer flavours – especially the craft ones – were created in Great Britain. Due to the Birmingham brewers, the world has gotten acquainted with pale ales, stouts, Scotch ale, and porter. Small British breweries regularly invent new kinds of craft beers.

Places to Drink Beer in Britain

Everyone knows that the Brits are great beer lovers. There are several places where you can come across locals sipping their adorable pints of ale.

Pub. Traditionally people in Great Britain gather in a pub to have a chat with friends and drink ale. Most pubs belong to brewing companies. So, you can try their in-house beer flavours. Though guest taps are also on sale.

Free House. It is a British inn that doesn’t belong to any brewery. A free house is fully independent and offers a variety of beers collected to their personal taste.

Pub chains. A group of pubs that keep a uniformity of brand image. They usually occupy former shopfronts or bank branches. Pub chains do not specialise in a definite trading mark. A visitor can choose from a great variety of beers from different brands from all over the world. One of the most famous pub chains in Britain is Wetherspoons. By the way, the company offers facilities for beer tourists. Click here to find out about their services.

Gastropubs. Would you like to experience beer and food pairing in Birmingham? If you are eager to learn the UK better, try traditional British cuisine. Of course, it will taste perfectly with a mug of classic English beer. Visit one of the gastropubs in Birmingham. Use this link to book a table in the city’s gastro pubs showcasing the best sets of food and beers.

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How Do English People Drink Beer?

The Brits don’t usually drink icy cold beer. They suppose that your taste buds won’t understand the flavour of the drink chilled in a fridge. That is why the Englishmen prefer beer at cellar temperature. It is neither too warm nor extremely cooled down.

Faddy British Craft Beer Styles in Britain


The selection of craft beers in Britain will satisfy even the worldly-wise beer fanciers. The owners of private brewing houses work hard every day to design new styles of beers. To create different beer styles and flavours they take the most crowd-pleasing kinds of beer:

Lager. The taste of the drink is clean, soft, refreshing, and has a certain sweetness.

Pale. In comparison with lager, this kind of beer is more bitter. Its taste is hoppy, malty, cereal, and breadlike. 

Bitter. It is a lower-alcohol, malt-driven style with a dry finish and lightly toasty flavour. The colour is gold to copper.

Porter. The beer is made of dark malted barley. That is why you can distinctly feel the slightly “burnt” taste of it. When you drink porter for the first time, you are sure to discover its bright roast bitterness.

Stout. This beer style is characterised by distinguishable chocolate, coffee, and caramel taste. Sometimes fruit notes are present.

Old and Scotch Ale. These are classical beers aged in oak barrels. When the ale is ready it obtains its original wooden taste and bitter sweetness.

Brewery Tours in Birmingham

The brewery is a whole world with its history, technologies, and innovations. If you are a beer devotee and want to learn more about the brewing culture of the UK, order Brewery tours in Birmingham. Interesting programs for beer lovers are offered by this company. Preorder a tour and learn more about the work of the brewery from grain to glass. You can also buy workshops and classes of the brewery at beer school or reserve a table for a private party or corporate event.

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