Bring home a split air conditioner this summer & enjoy ultimate cooling

As the extreme heat waves have affected millions of people in the country during the summer months, demand for air conditioner has increased in the market. As temperatures climbed across the world’s most populous nation in recent weeks, several people have died, and thousands crowded hospitals with heatstroke symptoms. Hundreds of schools were closed, and people were choosing work-from-home options. All these have increased the demand for air-conditioners in homes, schools, colleges, and offices.

Air conditioners are the best options to beat the sultry summer heat. When you want to buy ac online, size does matter. If the air conditioner is too large for the room, it can cool the space too fast. But in that case, it may not remove the humidity from the air. In contrast, a small ac will work hard to cool the room and maintain a comfortable temperature. So, while buying air conditioners, ensure they should be enough for the room they serve.

If you plan to buy ac online, this may be a good time to get one, as you will be well-prepared to fight the harsh summer heat. There are lots of sales happening on e-commerce websites. However, there are certain things you need to think about before clicking the shop button.

Things to consider before you plan to buy ac online

The internet makes it possible for you to view a vast range of AC brands and models right on your gadget’s screen. It combines a list of brands sold across the country and offers you options to easily compare specifications like tonnage and energy ratings.

  • ​ Confirm the model number and specifications of the AC you want to buy

Always verify the model number and real specifications of an air conditioner by visiting the brand’s authorized website to be sure of the specific specifications.

  • ​Always confirm the actual price of the AC model before buying.

It is always better to check the costs that local dealers are providing. Sometimes prices of physical stores are more viable than what you get online. Also, verify the actual prices by visiting the online portals of brands.

  • Check AC warranty

Air conditioners usually have a condenser, product, and compressor warranty. The warranty is one year on the condenser and product, and five years on the compressor. You should check warranty details first before purchasing. Also, clear instructions must be provided on activating the warranty.

  • ​Check for any delivery charges for large appliances in your area.

Delivery charges are free, but there can be an extra charge for delivering large appliances in your area.

  • Check if there is any separate installation charge for the AC

Verify if there is any additional installation charge for the AC you are purchasing. 

  • ​You may need to spend additional money on copper pipes, cables, and connectors.

Some budget split air conditioners do not come with copper pipes of adequate length, and you might need to spend more on copper pipes based on the distance between the AC and the outdoor unit. Also, think about charges for added cables and connectors.

  • ​Which model to buy ac online?

While most modern houses opt for split AC models, this does not indicate that window AC models must be updated, or cooling is less efficient. Windows AC models cost less, provide a compact solution, and entice lesser servicing costs. If your room has a spare window or the facility to house a window AC, then buying it makes sense. Also, if you stay in rented accommodation, a window AC is a great choice as it is easier to install or disassemble, and installation charges are less.

Advantages of buying a split air conditioner

Before investing, ensure to weigh your options. A great substitute for cooling your house will be a split air conditioner. These units are simple to set up and have several other advantages, making them the most excellent option for your household.

Greater Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for an energy-efficient cooling system, split ac is the answer. A split system offers a ductless design; this increases your energy savings and saves you cash on future utility bills. If used competently, ductless air conditioners can even surpass double the effectiveness of a standard air conditioner.

Quiet Operations

A split AC unit can function as noiselessly as 19 decibels. You will be amazed to know this is considerably quieter than a window unit.

Aesthetically appealing

A split AC means flexible indoor installation. You can hang them on walls or suspend them from your ceiling- as it is hassle-free. Moreover, they are extremely elegant, add to your household’s general vibe, and are aesthetically appealing.

What is split air conditioner installation charge?

Usually, installing a split AC will cost INR 1000 to INR 2000. However, it may differ depending on the location and the model.

Bottom Line

Split AC systems are great for older homes or those without existing ductwork. They might be insufficient for very hot climates, but in most other locations can cool your home more competently and with greater customization than a central air conditioner.

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