Budget-Friendly Hydration: Affordable Water Purifier Options for Every Indian Household

water purifier prices in India

With the ever-increasing water pollution concerns, getting access to clean and safe drinking water is not easy. You either have to spend money on water bottles (which is not an eco-friendly option) or find other means to purify water at home. The best way to purify water at home so that you have instant access to clean drinking water is to install a water purifier. 

If you are out in the market trying to find an affordable water purification system, the innumerable choices with a variety of features are most likely to make you feel intimidated. In this post, we will help you narrow down your options. We have listed here the top choices with the best features for budget-friendly hydration. Compare the water purifier prices in India and also their features before making your final pick. 

KENT Super+

Here’s a compact RO purifier from KENT – India’s leading brand for water purification systems. It also has an inbuilt UF purifier and a TDS controller with Mineral RO technology, which ensures that you get 100% pure drinking water rich in essential natural minerals. It is suitable for purifying tap water, municipal water, and brackish water. 

KENT Super+ has a storage capacity of 8-litres and a purification capacity of 15 litres per hour, which makes it an ideal option to consider for medium sized families. Overall, it’s a very reasonably priced (INR 15K) purifier to consider for the amazing features it comes with. 

HUL PureIt Vital Plus 

This wall-mountable purification system from Hindustan UniLever is a good product to consider, thanks to its nextgen RO technology, FiltraPower technology, mineral enhancer cartridge, and 7-litre storage capacity. It is effective at removing industrial chemicals, pathogens, and pesticides from drinking water. 

The RO and UV filters equipped in this system have long filter life and the purifier is capable of high-speed purification, which gives more reasons to opt for this. Priced in the range of INR 15K, this is an affordable pick for budget-minded buyers. 

Aquaguard Marvel NXT

With a patented active copper technology, this 6.2L purifier from Aquaguard comes with a unique taste adjuster controller. The RO and UV technologies are capable of removing all kinds of contaminants from water. 

Further, there are seven purification stages, which not only ensure pure drinking water but also make sure the right amount of copper is present in the purified water to make it as healthy as possible. You can choose to wall-mount it or place it on your kitchen countertop. Aquaguard Marvel NXT is priced in the range of INR 14K, which is quite reasonable in this category. 

KENT Supreme Lite

KENT, being the best brand for water purification systems, it’s not surprising that there are many good options to consider from its range. KENT Supreme Lite has an inbuilt TDS controller in addition to an RO purifier and a UF purifier. All these together provide pure drinking water while retaining the essential minerals. 

Whether you want to purify tap water or brackish water, this is the ideal choice. Being certified by the world’s best laboratories, you don’t have to worry about the quality or safety aspect. This RO water purifier price is in the range of INR 20K and offers great value for money. 

So, these are the top options on our list for budget-friendly hydration. Research the features of all these thoroughly and compare them. Once you have finalised, look for the best deal for the specific water purification system and place your order. You are sure to have a hassle-free experience while using any of these water purifier models. 

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