How Can I Get Call History Of Someone’s Number?

Call History

Do you wish to gather data or the call history of someone’s number? There are many ways through which you can do it. But why is it needed at all? Cheating people on phone calls with a fake ID or spam calls is quite common nowadays. As an individual, you need to be aware of these developments. 

But thankfully, there are some tricks and ways through which you can do it. Let’s try to find them so that he can help you out. So, without further delay, let’s begin the discussion here.

The Ultimate Motive Behind Extracting Detail On Phone Calls

Carrying the discussion forward, here we provide you some more reasons why you need the call history of someone’s number. They include protecting the children from the scammers. Your children might not be aware of this trickery that is cooked up outside with an evil design. 

You also need it to track the productive hours of the employees or the workers. Yes, you got it right; fetching the call history is one of the important elements that you need to be aware of.

How Long Does Your Phone Keep Call Details?

When you are looking to extract the call history of someone’s number, you must have an idea of how long your phone keeps the history. Some phones can store information on the calls for upto six months or even one year. Another study tells that Android headphones keep the call history of upto around 500 call activity. 

Regarding the time duration, the iPhone only stores 100 calls in the recent tab. Once you can stop backing up your call history, you will get it only for around 180 days. Hence the phone will remove the older entries. Yes, it is indeed helpful on many occasions! However, you need to be up and doing in keeping track of all the art in it.

Tips To Fetch Someones’ Number

The internet platform is flooded with news on how to get the call history of someone’s number and so on. There are tons of searches on reverse phone lookup websites like the Spydialer, Weebly login, and others reverse phone lookup websites.

Here we put in a list of some of the core tips through which you will be able to fetch the call details of somebody. 

Fetching Data On Call History Without Otp

First, you have to install and open the Call History application. Then you can easily get the call history of your Mobile number very easily. If you go to the play store, you may find many applications. Download the application. Now select the country. Now you will find an interface below. Then you have to select the Call History option to get the details. 

After choosing it, they will ask to enter the country and the number. Add the number and then Click the Submit button. Submit your Email ID and choose the call history to proceed. 

Android Device 

First, you must launch some phone applications for your Android phone. If you fail to open the recent tab, you can click “Recent” at the bottom of the screen. Click on the number on which you want to check the recent call history. 

Tap to the history from the dropdown option. In some of the devices, it will be given as Call Detail or the “i” icon. If you can see the “i” icon directly, you may click on it directly. Now if you have stored the number in your contact, then in that case, you can use the search bar and then find the contact. There you can easily check the history from there. 

On The IOS Devices 

You can also get adequate data on the call history of someone’s number if you use iOS Devices.

First, Tap on the application of the Phone App. Thereafter click on Recent. You can then Tap on the “i” icon beside your number. Now,  check the recent call history. 

Reverse Phone Lookup Sites With The Name 

You might be running a small business and looking to operate with the help of your own business. That’s great! For it to happen, you create a Godaddy website for the domain, hosting and other arrangements. But what about the safety of your calls? 

Reverse phone lookup websites are the potential solution to your problems. The reverse phone lookup sites are indeed useful tools with the help of which you can fetch the call detail. These websites are effective, allowing you to get complete details like name, location and some other important detail. We discuss a few of them here. 


Spokeo is a free reverse phone lookup website that provides details of unknown phone calls within no time. It is indeed one of the most effective ways that you can optimize. The prime benefit of this website is that you can fetch details from any number, be it the cell phone number or, say, the landline phone number. 

The website works with billions of phone directories. Therefore you will not find it a problem to fetch the call details, location, social media, members of the family and say personal details. (1)

People Finders 

The PeopleFinders is an evolutionary website that helps people with their needs. With this reverse phone lookup website, you can get access to the most updated phone directory. It becomes handy with the most recent information. All you need is to input the area code and then the 7-digit number. Plus, you also have to input all the information. That is all you need.


TruthFinder is also one of the best reverse phone lookup sites. With the help of the vast US database and the highest daily searches, the website is indeed a gem of a product. To check the unknown number, you have to use the easy interface. Then a detailed report will be accessible to you. 

You can then find out the information that you are specific about. Truth finder reveals the truth to you.

Putting The Discussion To A Close 

Fetching the call details is the need of the hour, and you must be aware of it as an individual. You have a host of options available to you. Use them from the following, and then you can find out what’s more suitable for you to serve your needs. The different ways we discussed fetching the call history of someone’s number are quite effective. Hence get adequate knowledge on the contact details.

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