Choosing the ideal sharara suit set for a wedding

Choosing the ideal sharara suit set for a wedding

Indian weddings are lavish occasions that honor love, joy, and customs. It’s the perfect chance to look stunning and wear your best clothing. When it comes to wedding apparel, sharara suits are a fantastic choice. These classic, elegant aesthetics complement both traditional and modern outfits. Because they are available in a wide range of patterns, shapes, and designs, sharara suits are a versatile alternative for weddings. However, with so many alternatives available, finding the ideal sharara suit set for the wedding might be challenging.


One of the most popular traditional ethnic outfits for weddings and everyday wear in India is a Sharara suit set. It is worn with a long or short kurta, a loose pair of pants known as Shararas, and a dupatta or scarf.

Panels in the loose-fitting, flared sharara pants occasionally create the appearance of a split skirt. They have a narrow waist and substantially flare out, usually from the knee down, giving the impression that they are billowing. A kurta, on the other hand, can have a length that varies from just above the knee to the ankle. Long scarf draped across the head and shoulders is called a dupatta.

It might be difficult to select the ideal Sharara suit set for wedding, but don’t worry; we’re here to assist you. We’ll also provide you tips on how to wear and style a Sharara suit for the wedding.



The most important consideration while selecting the Sharara is dressing for the wedding celebrations. Indian weddings are intricate celebrations with multiple rites and ceremonies, each of which has its own distinct attire expectations. Therefore, choosing the appropriate sharara suit set is crucial. For instance, a gaudy sharara suit set with elaborate embroidery is perfect for the sangeet wedding, while a yellow one with more color and brightness is more fitting for the Haldi ceremony. You might choose a green Sharara outfit with little embroidery for the Mehendi Ceremony.


Sharara suits are well-liked due to their distinctive patterns and styles. In the market, sharara suits come in a huge variety of classic, modern, and fusion styles. It is crucial to choose a design that appeals to your own style, complements your body shape, and gives you confidence to carry it. To improve your appearance if you are tall, use a long kurta and flowing Shararas with intricate stitching. Choose a short kurta and a straight Sharara with simple embroidery if you are short-heeled.


With embellishments, the sharara suit set receives a dazzling touch. The use of embroidery and ornamentation is crucial in Indian traditional clothing. But it’s important to choose the right amount of adornment for the occasion. A sharara suit with less adornment is better suited for a pre-wedding occasion such a mehendi or haldi, whereas one with full adornment is best for a sangeet or wedding day.


Every wedding celebration has a color connected with it, such as how Haldi is related to the color yellow and Mehandi is related to green hues, primarily olive green. Dark or striking hues are combined with the sangeet ceremony to make the Sharara outfit more glamorous. It is advisable to choose a color that complements your skin tone and fits the occasion. Vibrant hues like red, pink, and orange are ideal for the wedding day, while pastels and neutrals are suitable for pre-wedding celebrations.


Designer Sharara suit sets are ideal if you want to add something distinctive and special to your appearance. Designer Sharara suits are available in a variety of designs, fusions, cuts, materials, and decorations to let you rock your Sharara to its fullest potential. Designer Sharara suits, however, can be a little more expensive than regular ones, so it’s important to find one that meets your budget.

The SHARARA Suit Set comes in a variety of designs.

The price of Sharar suit sets is determined by a number of variables, including fabric, decorations, and more. However, the cost of a high-quality Sharara suit set for the wedding might run anywhere from INR 3,500 to INR 8,000. A Sharara suit set should also meet the buyer’s budget.


Now that we have assisted you in determining the greatest fit for you, it is time to style and wear your ideal sharara suit set:

Accessories: You may add some glitz to the sharara suit set with accessories. Accessories like statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can be worn. If the sharara suit set is heavily ornamented, it is preferable to wear few accessories.

Hair and makeup—These two elements are crucial to complete the look. You might choose a hairdo that accentuates the shape of your face and the design of the sharara suit. For instance, a bun or braid would look great with a classic sharara costume whereas loose curls or a messy bun will work nicely with a modern or fusion sharara suit.

Shoes: Choosing the right pair of shoes is crucial while wearing a sharara suit. Select shoes that complement the design and hue of your Sharara. Additionally, choose shoes—flats or heels—that keep you as comfortable as possible while enjoying the Sharara style.

When choosing the ideal sharara suit set for the wedding, there are a number of factors to take into consideration, including the occasion, fabric, pattern, embellishments, color, and budget. Selecting a sharara suit set that complements your individual style and makes you feel at ease is essential. You may create a stunning style that will turn attention at the wedding and make you the topic of the reception with the appropriate styling and accessories!

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