Computer Embroidery Technology: Concept and Process of Computer Embroidery


Computerized embroidery technology is a widely used technology in the garment industry. Including fashion apparel and office uniforms, business uniforms. To help you better understand this computerized embroidery technology as well as contribute to establishing the basis for choosing the appropriate printing and embroidery method for the company logo. We do custom hat embroidery in Dallas so we invite readers to consult the following useful information!

The concept of computerized embroidery technology

Computerized embroidery technology is also known as computer-controlled automatic embroidery. This is an advanced technology with the support of computers and embroidery machine systems, replacing human hand embroidery. Respond to the requirements of fast, accurate and uniform speed of customers ordering sewing. Especially the need to embroider in large quantities.

The embroidery machine system is connected to a programmed computer. The system will receive commands from the computer and automatically embroider to produce the finished product as required. It can be said that just putting the design file into the system will produce the same finished product as the design. From embroidery colors to image/texture details.

Learn the automatic computerized embroidery process

To be able to create/process a complete logo/texture embroidery product. Certain operations are required in the automated computerized embroidery process. From the preparation of materials (embroidery materials, embroidery thread, tension …) to the design and running the machine.

The specific process of computerized embroidery takes place as follows:

  • Make a design. At this stage, the design engineer will draw the embroidery drawing on software that can be opened on the computer to program the embroidery machine system such as Wilcom E2, Tajima… For customers with pre-drawn samples, please send the AI ​​file to the production unit. export – embroidery processing, to ensure the exact ratio of logo/drawing. If the customer does not have a logo drawing template, the design staff will assist the customer.
  •  Edit the design or combine with other designs according to the customer’s request
  •  Export the design file to the format according to each type of embroidery machine
  •  A PC or USB device may be used to transfer the design to the embroidery machine.
  •  Determine the exact position of embroidery on the fabric
  •  Fix the embroidered fabric to the embroidery frame (Can be round frame, elliptical frame ..)
  •  Locate the embroidery needle on the design
  •  Turn on the embroidery machines, keep an eye on them, and be ready for a backup plan.
  •  Take the product out of the machine after finishing

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic computerized embroidery technology

After understanding the concept and process of automatic computerized embroidery. Here, we will help you review the advantages and disadvantages of this method of printing – embroidery. Because there is no technology, no method is considered perfect. They only become perfect if used correctly for certain situations.

Advantages of automatic computerized embroidery technology

  • Fast speed, can be done in large numbers. Respond quickly and on time to customers’ requests
  •  Compared with traditional processing (hand embroidery), the cost is much lighter. Because it mainly relies on machinery and equipment, while it only needs people to design and operate
  •  Finished embroidery products are uniform, meet the standards of drawings as required. It can be said, absolutely accurate
  •  The embroidery is even and beautiful
  •  Good quality embroidery, durable, less affected during washing

Disadvantages of automatic computerized embroidery technology

  • Aesthetics are not like hand embroidery. The lines are less soft, a bit rough
  •  Small details, too sophisticated, technology is limited and inflexible. Difficulty responding to complex patterns
  •  Cannot be embroidered on thin or soft fabrics. Because when embroidering, it will cause the fabric to shrink, losing the aesthetics of costumes and garments

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