How To Get The Green Tick For Your WhatsApp Business Account?

How To Get The Green Tick For Your WhatsApp Business Account?

A green tick for a WhatsApp business account is a verification badge. It is an indication that the number belongs to an official business account. Businesses are required to go through a detailed verification process and meet the strict verification criteria of WhatsApp.Businesses get multiple advantages by having a green tick for their WhatsApp business account. 

One of the most significant advantages is the authenticity and reputation associated with the brand. The opening rate and engagement rate of WhatsApp are significantly high. For example, the opening rate of WhatsApp messages exceeds ninety-eight per cent. The engagement rate of WhatsApp messages is also higher in comparison to other sources of digital marketing such as emails. Businesses must adopt strategies such as creating an official website and email to ensure that they get a green tick on WhatsApp for their WhatsApp business account. 

Why is getting a green tick for your WhatsApp business account important? 

Having an opening rate of 98%, WhatsApp is reshaping the digital era marketing space. Engagement rate with WhatsApp is significantly higher in comparison to engagement rates with emails. Verification of the business account with a green tick translates into trust among the customers. It helps businesses stand out in the eyes of the users.

The green tick for WhatsApp business account gives the businesses a stamp of authenticity and reputation and makes it easier for them to engage with the customers. Not all businesses get the green verification tag. Only the businesses that are reputed and well-established get the green tick badge. 

How to apply for WhatsApp green tick ( Green tick for WhatsApp business account) verification?

Businesses can apply for green tick verification for WhatsApp business accounts directly through their WhatsApp business account. By following a step-by-step procedure, businesses can ensure that they get the green tick verification. 

Step 1:

Login to your WhatsApp business account with the help of the WhatsApp business service provider. 

Step 2:

Click on Account tools. 

Step 3: 

Enter the phone number and click on the profile. 

Step 4: 

Submit the request using your official business account. 

Make sure the required information is filled out carefully before the request is submitted successfully. If the request for verification gets rejected, the business would have to wait for thirty days before they can apply to apply for a green tick for their WhatsApp business account again.

Importantly, once the business gets the green tick, it would not be possible to change the display name without applying for the green tick again. The business name must be chosen with care before starting the application for WhatsApp green tick. 

The average response rate for Green Tick for the WhatsApp business account application is 2-4 business days. The status of the application can be checked on the “Direct Support” tab of Meta Business Manager. 

Boosting the chances of getting green tick verification 

Businesses have to consider important points to boost their chances of getting the green tick for the WhatsApp business account verified. 

Creating an official website and email address 

Having an official website and email address is a key standard of professionalism at the present time. Customers do not want to communicate with businesses that do not take the time to create official contact mechanisms. 

Running click WhatsApp advertisement campaigns 

Running promotional marketing campaigns shows to the users and Meta that the business is committed and is an advanced user of the WhatsApp business account platform. The more the marketing activities of the business on the platform, the more the chances for getting green tick verification. 

Maintaining high-quality rating for WhatsApp phone number 

It is important for businesses to have impressive messaging volumes and quality ratings to improve their chances of getting the WhatsApp green tick. The chances of getting the WhatsApp green tick verification increase when businesses are able to maintain a high-quality rating for a sustained amount of time. 

Raising brand awareness 

Notability is one of the crucial criteria set by Meta to get the businesses verified with WhatsApp green tick. To increase notability, businesses are required to establish a strong online presence. Businesses must ensure that they get good publicity through PR campaigns run on websites with high traffic.

Businesses can consider negotiating deals for press releases about the business on niche-level websites and popular news sites. These publications can be used as a reference in the WhatsApp green tick verification process.

WhatsApp links and QR codes can be used to invite customers to follow the business on Facebook and Instagram. Raising brand awareness on WhatsApp contributes to getting green tick verification on WhatsApp in a considerable manner.  

Benefits of WhatsApp green tick 

It is important to highlight the benefits of getting an official certification and WhatsApp green tick verification for businesses. Some of the most important benefits of WhatsApp green tick verification have been covered. Firstly, with the WhatsApp green tick verification, the business would be regarded as a trustworthy brand.

Greentick in front of the name of the business signifies that the account is authentic. WhatsApp green tick helps bring more opportunities to the business due to higher customer engagement and conversion rate.

One more advantage of WhatsApp Green Tick is that the reservations of the merchants regarding the business would diminish as users are comfortable engaging with businesses having WhatsApp Green Tick.

Merchants get to enjoy the top features offered by WhatsApp business API. One important feature is unlimited daily broadcasts. Businesses can send WhatsApp blast messages to customers on a daily basis.   


A green tick for a WhatsApp business account is a verification badge. Not every business can get the green tick for its business account. It indicates that the business is reputed and authentic. A green tick for a WhatsApp business account acts as a badge of authenticity and reputation. Businesses are increasingly moving to WhatsApp from traditional sources of marketing such as emails.

The opening rate of WhatsApp messages is significantly high in comparison to emails. Importantly, the opening rate of WhatsApp messages is also very high. Some of the most important strategies identified include creating an official website and email for the business, running frequent WhatsApp advertisement campaigns, and maintaining high-quality of content.

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