How To Get Your Antiques Valued?

Antique Valuations

Antiques are valuable and expensive, whether they are jewellery pieces, watches or any other asset. They are expensive and valuable, because they are made up of precious elements. For instance, if there is an antique piece of jewellery and it is valuable, that is because it is made up of precious metals and for designs precious stones are used. Antiques are valuable not only because they are expensive, but also because a lot of emotions and sentiments are attached to them. Many people love to collect valuable items which are antique and they spend a lot of hard earned money on them. Similarly, many people get valuable antique pieces from their predecessors as family heirlooms. Therefore, for them antiques are highly precious. Since they are precious, it means that we need to take services related to antique valuations from time to time.

In this article we shall be delving into some of the important tips which you need to know about antique valuation. The value of these assets vary as per that of the market value. If the market value goes up, the value of the assets, such as jewellery, antique pieces and so on may go up and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to get your assets valued from time to time. Jewellery pieces, watches, antique pieces, homes, lands and so on are some of the important assets which can be valued. You can take the help of knowledgeable experienced experts as well. For instance Prestige Valuations is a company which provides you with experts who can do jewellery valuation, jewellery repair and remodelling, valuation for watches and antique pieces and so on. They provide you both online and on-site services.

Let us now have a look at some of the tips which you can follow to get your antiques valued.

Antique Valuations

Do a Proper Research Related to Antique Valuation Services

It is a lengthy and hectic process, but it is one of the most important processes which you need to follow, if you want to get your antiques to get correctly valued. After all it is your right to know the exact value of the antique pieces you have. You may feel directionless while doing the research related to the antique valuation process. Therefore, it is important to take the help of an expert. But the expert must be genuine in his work, he must have good knowledge in this field and he must have good skills and experience as well. Therefore, before doing the research on the antique valuation process, do proper research on the experts who are in this field. As your friends and family members, if they have done the valuation process from a company, go through its ratings and customer reviews on its website. Also apart from that, you can just randomly search the best antique valuation experts near you and shortlist the top 5 out of them. And then speak to each of them, what are the facilities they are providing, how much they are charging, how much time they are taking in the valuation process and so on and then decide which expert you want to choose.

Examine the Quality of Metals Used in the Antiques

If the antique pieces are valuable and expensive, it means that they are made up of good quality metals. For instance, if there is an antique jewellery which is valuable and expensive, it means that it is made up of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and so on. When you are going for the antique valuation process, it is important to check what are the metals that have been used in making the jewellery or the asset and what is the quality of the metal. It is applicable to services not only related to jewellery valuations but also to all the important assets made up of valuable metals. Therefore check the quality of the metals properly. These days hallmarked jewellery is available in the market. However, in the old days jewellery pieces were not hallmarked. The same may happen with antique jewellery as well. If the antique jewellery is not hallmarked make sure that it contains a verified certificate which you can use to examine the jewellery for the valuation process.

Watch Valuation

Examine the Stones and Design Used in the Antique

Whether the antique jewellery is really valuable is not can be known not only with the help of the metals used in it, but also with the help of the stones used in it. The colour, clarity, carat weight and cut of  the stone determine the originality and authenticity of the stone. Therefore, to know the quality and authenticity of the stones used in the jewellery, you can check the 4C’s related to precious stones, such as diamonds and gemstones. Not only that you also need to check whether the antique jewellery has been designed by a well-known designer or a brand. This process is also applicable to antique and aesthetic watches, if you are going for the watch valuation process. 

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