How to Sell Gift Cards Online to Get Cash Instantly

sell gift cards online instantly

Today people like to present a gift card or a gift voucher to any specific restaurant or mall or for online shopping, to any person on their special occasions. Receiving so many gift cards might be just a pileup of cards not all of them will be useful for you. You have received the gift card from restaurants or malls that you seldom visit. In such instances, these gif cards are just the fillers of your wallet and don’t offer you any tangible benefit.

Selling gift cards might be beneficial to you when they can be exchanged on any reliable platform that will be worth the value of Gift cards. Some reputable Platforms are Gift Card Granny,  Card Cash, Raise, and Coinstar.

Have you any idea about how to sell gift cards online instantly. If not, read the post to learn the process of selling a gift card and the platform where you can sell your gift card to get cash instantly.

How to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly 

A number of sites are available on the web that enables you to sell your gift card online and get cash instantly. Compare all the sites before proceeding to sell your gift card to get the maximum value of your gift card. Here are some top-picked gift card exchange websites that will offer you the value worth your gift card.

  1. Cash Card:    

Cash Card is an online gift card marketplace that allows you to convert your gift card into cash to over 1300 locations including Starbucks, AMC Theaters, Walmart, Target, and some fast food restaurants.  You will get greater payable offers depending upon the brand, value, and demand of the gift card and a percentage of the card’s value will be charged by the company upon conversion. You will get about 92% of your gift card value.

  1. Raise: 

  Like other gift card buyers, Raise is another reliable and trustworthy platform that lets you sell your gift card online. Listing your gift card is free but it charges about 15 % commission from your earnings. After deducting the charge, the remaining value will appear on your Paypal account or you can get it via direct deposit. A gift card, you exchange should be at least $5 in value and less than $2000.

  1. Coinstar

The leading gift card exchange, service provider Coinstar offers a range of retail solutions to sell your gift card. With a very user-friendly interface, Coinstar charges about 12% of your card value. It pays you through either cash, e gift card, or a charity donation.

  1. Gift Cash

One of the most popular and well-established gift card buyers giftcash lets you enter the neam of your gift card and its worth value to get offers from them. If you have a gift card for some popular store or brand, you will get its maximum value of up to 93 %.

  1. Craiglist 

To get instant cash by selling your gift card Craiglist is the most popular platform that lets you enter the gift card balance and its selling price and get the value worth it. 

Be careful when using the platform as it does not provide you with all the security measures to ensure safety.

To get further details about it must visit the site once.

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