Hydroxyzine Vs. Xanax for Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

It could cause a great deal of pain and finding the right medication to manage the symptoms could be an issue. We’re here to help in resolving this.

Two of the most commonly prescribed medications for anxiety include hydroxyzine (Vistaril(r)) as and Alprazolam (Xanax(r)). Both have been found to be have a positive effect on treating anxiety symptoms, however they are quite different in regards to adverse effects and the possibility of dependence and abuse.

The most effective way to manage anxiety is by speaking with a medical professional who is an expert and equipping yourself with the best knowledge on treatments. Discover the difference between the hydroxyzine treatment and Xanax for anxiety treatment.

What exactly is hydroxyzine (Vistaril(r))?

Hydroxyzine is the generic form that is a derivative of Vistaril(r) It is part of the antihistamines group. It works by preventing production of the chemical histamine by the body to reduce allergic symptoms. It also decreases the brain’s activity which is beneficial in reducing anxiety and tension in the body.1

It is suggested to be utilized for immediate or short-term therapy of anxiousness. The suggested dosage is to take hydroxyzine for as long as four months during each time. Brain fog and dementia are well-known risks that are associated with the prolonged use of hydroxyzine.2

Hydroxyzine is a fast-acting drug and is absorbed around 15-30 minutes. Effects of the drug like sedation as well as the feeling of drowsiness last about six hours.3 A dose for anxiety in adults may vary between 25mg and 100mg at one period of up to four times per day.4

What exactly is alprazolam? (Xanax(r))?

Alprazolam can be described as the generic form that Buy Xanax Online which is a part of the family of medications called benzodiazepines. It helps reduce the level of anxiety in the brain. This assists in treating anxiety and panic disorders.5 It can be used to treat short-term anxiety or anxiety. However, it isn’t recommended for long-term use because of the risk of dependency and withdrawal symptoms.6

Alprazolam’s effects usually appear within an hour after having taken the medication. Sedation and relaxation can last as long as eight hours most instances. It is possible to be observed in between two and five days.7

The usual dosage for an adult suffering with anxiety ranges between 0.25mg up to 0.5mg and can be up to three times a day.8

What is what’s the distinction between Hydroxyzine and Xanax(r)?

Hydroxyzine and Xanax(r) are similar in that they both have sedative and tranquilizing effect that could be utilized to treat panic and anxiety disorder. A major distinction between both is that Xanax is a controlled drug which is more likely to cause dependency and withdrawal symptoms.9

Hydroxyzine is a treatment for diverse disorders that aren’t associated with anxiety, such as allergies, nausea and as a method to relax patients prior to surgery.10

What is the effectiveness of hydroxyzine and Xanax in treating anxiety?

Hydroxyzine is being studied extensively in clinical trials and has produced positive outcomes for patients. When compared to placebo it has been shown to be efficient as far as the 1960s in regards to treating anxiety.11 A study revealed the fact that hydroxyzine can be exactly as effective as benzodiazepines and could be an alternative alternative.12

In the study of 21 research studies conducted in clinical studies, Xanax was found to be better than placebo and far more effective than the other benzodiazepines.13

What is the impact of adverse reactions in comparison to the hydroxyzine medication and Xanax?

Hydroxyzine’s effects may create and Xanax have some commonalities However, they do have distinct distinctions.

A few of the adverse effects of hydroxyzine are as follows:14

Dry mouth





Xanax negative effects include 15

Potential for dependence and misuse





Sexual dysfunction

Changes in appetite, weight or even the size of your body


Dry mouth

Memory loss


Do you need to take the hydroxyzine with Xanax to help treat anxiety?

It is generally not recommended to take hydroxyzine and alprazolam (Xanax(r)) together because of the possibility of some adverse reactions. It is particularly important to note that taking the two drugs together can cause dizziness, drowsiness, impaired the motor system, impairment of judgement, and difficulty concentrating.17

Are hydroxyzine and Xanax available for purchase?

They both Xanax19 and hydroxyzine18 aren’t available over-the-counter. Both require prescription from licensed medical professionals however, as these are both controlled substances Xanax prescriptions tend to be less restrictive than prescriptions for the hydroxyzine. Telehealth practitioners are more limited in prescribing controlled medications due to the higher likelihood of abuse and dependence

.What Are The Signs Of Xanax Addiction?

The first sign of an dependence on Xanax (a prelude to dependence, should you will) may be the development of tolerance and a recurrence of the symptoms (whether depression, anxiety or another condition which is being treated with Xanax). This indicates that your body and brain need more of this drug and are on the way towards becoming dependent. These symptoms are just a few of the signs that are still a common occurrence for addicts who decide to get treatment

The higher tolerance of a patient leads them to take more medication without obtaining the consent of the physician that prescribed medication, or any other medical expert.

The patient always considering Buying Xanax Online throughout the day, it is a sign that they are not taking Xanax.

Control loss in Xanax consumption and the amount of the drug consumed

If they do not use Xanax The patient begins to begin to notice withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches headaches, migraines and so on.

The separation of family and friends or the absence from activities which used to be were deemed important, have been reduced to the use of Xanax

If one or more of the above signs occur for you or someone you love, then it’s likely that you need help by an addiction treatment center like the Long Island Center for Recovery.

What Are The Effects Of Becoming Addicted To Xanax?

If Xanax is used in conjunction with other drugs (such as the opioids) or alcohol in excess it could result in dangerous, including the possibility of an overdose and even death. As a stand-alone drug, there is a chance that an overdose from Xanax is highly unlikely. It could take thousands of the dosage prescribed to overdose on Xanax that results in the drug being greater security than other addiction drugs. It isn’t without risk, but it does carry a chance of dying the negative effects associated with Xanax dependencies can be extremely harmful.

The symptoms that are typical are categorized in two groups, affecting the individual physically and mentally. The dependence on mental Xanax is triggered by the individual focusing on consuming Xanax, regardless of other areas of their lives. A greater amount of usage could trigger withdrawal, which could cause insomnia, depression along with paranoia and anxiety while trying to stop taking the drug. This could lead to medical detoxification as a required treatment. Beyond the mental component, there is the chance that a patient may feel physical reactions as they are removing Xanax which could result in the appearance body pains and aches.

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