Is Lung Cancer Treatment Affordable in India?

lung cancer

Lung cancer is a challenging medical condition that needs comprehensive medical care. It not only troubled the patient mentally and physically but also affected the financial aspect on a larger scale. The cancer treatments demand various chemotherapy sessions, medications, and other things that imbalance the financial budget of the patients. Lung cancer treatment cost in India offers patients affordable healthcare coverage, medical qualities, and standard care. 

India emerged as a growing power in the medical sector, with many things to offer patients from all over the world, from advanced infrastructure to skilled medical professionals. It has become the topmost medical tourist destination for patients seeking inexpensive medical options. ‘

What is Lung Cancer? 

Cancer of any type is dangerous; Lung cancer starts in the lung tissues. The major cause that created lung cancer condition includes tobacco smoke, genetic factors, and environmental pollutants. Lung cancer is the biggest cause of a patient’s death because of the cancer. Finding the cancer in its initial stage can help people fight against it with the help of advanced medical interventions, surgeries, and therapies.  

What are the Types of Lung Cancer? 

Lung cancer is split into two types:

  • Non-small cell Cancer – Out of 100, around 85% of lung cancer cases come in this category. It has various subtypes as well, such as squamous cell carcinoma and others. It grows slowly in comparison to small-cell lung cancer.
  • Small Cell Lung Cancer –This lung cancer type needs more care and urgent action on medical treatments. The cancer cells in this develop quickly and spread rapidly to the other parts of the patient’s body as well. 

What are Some Causes of Lung Cancer? 

Lung cancer affects those individuals who intake tobacco regularly. Apart from smoking, environmental factors and genetics can also be the cause of this condition. People who are exposed to harmful gases and substances like radon gas and asbestos are also affected with lung cancer. Internal pollutants equally contributed as much as external pollutants. Changing lifestyles and quitting smoking habits can reduce the effects of cancerous cells. 

How Can One Detect the Lung Cancer Symptoms? 

The exact lung cancer conditions are not known, but there are common symptoms that can help in detecting the cancer condition at a very early stage. Unexpected weight loss, chest pain, breathing issues, coughing up blood, and fatigue are some common factors that can help in detecting the cancer condition. 

There can be some kind of respiratory infections, also be there as a common symptom of lung cancer. Individuals can detect these symptoms and start the testing process to get the surety if they have lung cancer or not. 

What is the Expected Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India?

India offers a reasonable treatment option for all patients who are looking for affordable lung cancer treatment. In India, the basic cost of the lung cancer treatment is between INR 3.5 lacs to INR 5.7 lacs. The cost of treatment increases as the treatment demands 5 to 20 days of hospitalization. 

The stay in the hospital depends on the condition of the patient as well as the recovery rate.  Lung cancer treatment costs in India, therapy session costs, surgeons’ fees, medication expenses, and many other things involved. 

What is the Treatment Procedure for Lung Cancer? 

The treatment of lung cancer involves various medical interventions. A combination of drugs is also given to the patients to combat the cancer condition, depending on their cancer stage, either orally or through injections. Patients go through various radiation and chemotherapies. The medical professionals and surgeons offered targeted therapy to target the genetic mutation. Surgery is performed by medical professionals to remove the cancer cells from the patient’s body. In radiation therapy, surgeons use high – energy beams to kill the cancerous cells. 

What Are Some Affordable Hospitals Options For Lung Cancer Treatment in India? 

Here are some of the best hospitals in India, knowing for cancer treatment and advanced medical options – 

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital 

  • Reliance Groups started this hospital in Mumbai in 2008 with a vision to offer affordable medical treatment to patients.
  • The hospital has various reputed accreditation, including the CAP, NABH, NABL, and JCI. All these accreditations help patients to analyze the facilities of the hospital and get better results.
  • The hospital offers non-invasive treatment options to tackle a wide range of cancers without harming healthy cells. 

Jaslok Hospital 

  • Jaslok Hospital is a well-known hospital that offers top-notch facilities for cancer conditions, established in the year 1970.
  • It has all the accreditations, including NABH, that assure the patients that their treatment will be done under international medical standards.
  • It also has various specializations to fulfill the diverse treatment requirements of the patients, including cardiology, oncology, neurosurgery, pediatric, and pain management pathology. 

MIOT International 

  • MIOT International is a reputed hospital located in the southern part of India and was started in the year 1999.
  • It is known for its cancer treatment and many other specializations, including knee replacement, oncology, cosmetic surgery, nephrology, and many others.
  • MIOT Hospital performed thousands of surgeries and transplant processes for patients all around the world. 

Metro Hospital, Noida

  • Metro Hospital in Noida,  is a leading hospital in providing reasonable cancer treatment options for patients, founded in the year 1997.
  • It serves its medical services in more than 30 specialties, including complex conditions like cancer, heart, lungs, and many others.
  • The medical team of the hospital creates an individualized medical plan for the patients and treats them with care and kindness.

India makes treatment easy and accessible for patients who are suffering from lung cancer. Lung cancer is a global challenge that affects patients on a larger scale. Treating the condition in the early stages can improve the success rate of the treatment. Though the treatment and the surgery are complex and involve various difficulties, with skilled medical professionals and the right medical treatment strategy, it can be cured. Also, Lung cancer treatment costs in India add value to cancer treatment for patients. 

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