Libya’s Deadly Floods Show the Growing Threat of Medicanes

Storm Daniel, which has killed at least 5,000 people in Libya, with 10,000 more missing, was no normal weather. This rare, destructive, subtropical monster was supersized by unusually warm Mediterranean waters. When it slammed into the Libyan coast, it did so with such force that it caused two dams inland to collapse, releasing a tsunamic wall of water down the Wadi Derna river that destroyed much of the eastern city of Derna. This kind of storm—known as a “Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone,” or medicane—is rare. The climate crisis, counterintuitively, will make these storms rarer. But, when they do hit, they could be bigger than ever before.

Medicanes are the smaller siblings of the hurricanes and typhoons that barrage coastal locations around the world. As Hurricane Lee has shown over the Atlantic Ocean, warm water and humidity can quickly turn major storm systems into life-threatening monsters. And as the planet warms, more storms will get super big, super quick.

While medicanes are rare, their destructive power can be immense—especially when they hit countries ill-equipped to cope with such ferocious weather events. These storms rotate like regular hurricanes and have the same distinct “eye” feature. And, like hurricanes, they can cause significant damage when they make landfall.

Authorities are still struggling to get aid to Derna after Sunday night’s deluge washed away most access roads. Aid workers who managed to reach the city described utter devastation in its center, with thousands of people still missing and tens of thousands left homeless. “Bodies are everywhere, inside houses, in the streets, at sea. Wherever you go, you find dead men, women, and children,” Emad al-Falah, an aid worker from Benghazi, told the Associated Press on Wednesday, September 13. “Entire families were lost.”

Theresa on Days of our Lives: Who’s taking over the role from Jen Lilley?

Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan on Days.
Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan on Days.

Theresa will soon have a new face on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives star Jen Lilley has confirmed she’s wrapped her run as Theresa Donovan on the hit Peacock soap opera.

The news comes just as Theresa returns to Salem for Victor’s (John Aniston) funeral.

Although Jen popped up as Theresa on the Friday cliffhanger last week, she has revealed the show will go on without her soon.

It turns out that Jen wanted to come back to Days as Theresa to honor her friend John Aniston as the show said goodbye to Victor.

In a recent interview, Jen revealed the show initially had a storyline that would keep her there for three months.Subscribe to Monsters and Critics! Get updates on the latest posts and more from Monsters and Critics straight to your inbox.

At the time, Jen wasn’t sure if her schedule would accommodate that, but she figured it out, only to learn the role had been recast.Who’s taking over the role of Theresa Donovan on Days of our Lives?

Speaking with, Jen confirmed a new actress has taken over the role of Theresa. Jen sought out NuTheresa to alleviate the awkwardness of recasting.

Although Jen didn’t reveal the actress’ name, the rumor mill has been running wild that Emily O’Brien is taking on the role of Theresa.

There’s been buzz that Gwen’s storyline with Dimitri (Peter Porte) is ending with her learning about his affair with Leo (Greg Rikaart). This revelation then has Gwen leaving town as the character has kind of run its course.

Now, one reason the rumors about Gwen and Emily may not be true is that Jen revealed the actress is supposedly only finishing up the initial three-month storyline that Jen was given. Days likely wouldn’t eliminate Gwen to recast Emily as Theresa just for a few weeks.

Arleen Sorkin, ‘Days of Our Lives’ Actress and Voice of Harley Quinn, Dead at 67

Arleen Sorkin, the original voice of DC animated character Harley Quinn and Days of Our Lives actress, has died at age 67. 

DC co-chairman James Gunn shared the sad news of the actress’s death in an Instagram post on Saturday. 

“Rest in Peace, Arleen Sorkin, the incredibly talented original voice of Harley Quinn, who helped to create the character so many of us love. Love to her family and friends. ❤️,” wrote Gunn, 57. Alongside his message, he posted a photo of Sorkin and an image of her iconic character Harley Quinn from the DC animated series.

Sorkin’s family confirmed the actress died of multiple sclerosis and shared a statement with PEOPLE. “We will always remember our dear Arleen for her immense generosity of spirit,” the statement read.

“Talented, yes, and dogged, too, as evidenced by her tenacious, decades-long fight with a terrible disease. But more than that, she was a loving presence in the lives of her two boys, Eli and Owen, her mother Joyce, her brothers Robert and Arthur, and the countless other children old and young whom she took under her beautiful wing over the years. It’s a sad day for us, but a joyous one, too, knowing how many people today are summoning her memory and smiling.”

The Washington-born actress first voiced Harley Quinn in 1993 in Batman: The Animated Series and revisited the character in many series and video games that followed. Her final time voicing Quinn was for the DC Universe Online: The Last Laugh video game in 2012. The role has since been voiced, and played, by several other actresses, including Kaley Cuoco and Margot Robbie.

Sorkin was also well known for her role as Calliope Jones Bradford in the soap opera Days of Our Lives, which she played from 1984 to 2010.

She appeared in her first acting gig on Saturday Night Live back in 1982. She continued to appear in minor roles before a breakout part in the 1987 TV series Duet, playing the role of Geneva. Sorkin went on to appear in several series and TV movies, including Open House (1989), Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss (1993) and Dream On (1990). In 2004 she appeared in an episode of TV show Frasier.

She also hosted America’s Funniest People for a time and is credited as a writer and producer on the TV series How to Marry a Billionaire and Fired Up.

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