Netgear AC1200 Not Connecting to Internet – How to Fix


Netgear AC1200 WiFi router has bagged a higher place on the list of devices offering a reliable internet connection to users. However, not every user is lucky. Some of them are so unlucky that their WiFi routers don’t connect to the internet which even prevents their access to the routerlogin page. Given in this post are the solutions that can help you turn the table in your favor in case your Netgear AC1200 is not connecting to internet. So, stick to reading.

Solution: Netgear AC1200 Not Connecting to Internet

The major reason behind the internet connectivity problem with the AC1200 router might be a fault with the Ethernet connections. Therefore, before you head over to implement any technique, consider checking the LAN connection related to your WiFi router. You are required to take care of the following checkpoints:

v  The Ethernet cable that has aided you with the router-modem connection is supposed to be free of cuts.

v  The cable connection between the router and extender must be finger-tight.

v  LAN port of the host gateway (modem) must be connected to the Internet port of the router.

v  The cable joining the WiFi router and modem should not be flipped.

If the Ethernet cable connection satisfies every condition mentioned here, then there are chances that some other reason is forcing your AC1200 router from getting connected to the internet. Walk through the points given below and learn what might be stopping the router and what you can do to address the problem.

Solution 1: Call Your ISP

The first hack in line is to get involved in a talk with your Internet Service Provider. It is because, at times, the ISP is getting a few things from his end due to which a temporary connectivity issue arises. Thus, you need to contact your ISP by using an appropriate medium. In case he says that it will take some time to get the problem resolved, then consider waiting patiently. However, if everything is perfect from his end, you can take the help of the next tactic.

Solution 2: Restart the Router

Technical glitches and the networking world have an old relationship but a bitter one. Perhaps, your Netgear AC1200 WiFi router has been affected by network glitches that are not allowing it to get connected to the internet and let you access the IP address. To get rid of them, power cycling the WiFi router is recommended. Thus, pull the router’s plug out of its respective wall socket. Let it rest for some time. This sometimes may range from 20-30 minutes. Once you feel right, switch on the router and see to it whether it connects to the internet or not. Solution 3: Check Power Supply

Although distant, a common reason behind many Netgear router-related issues is an improper power supply. There is a possibility that your router is connected to a damaged wall outlet due to which improper power is received. Hence, the Netgear AC1200 router is not connecting to the internet. So, consider checking the same and if what we’ve just assumed turns out to be true, you are required to get the socket repaired as soon as possible. Apart from this, you can also connect the router to another socket.

Solution 4: Check the Router’s Location

Is your Netgear AC1200 router placed in a congested space? If yes, then there is no wonder why it is struggling to connect to the internet. Keep in mind that if a non-ventilated space is chosen for the router’s placement, its signals will struggle to get properly. So, try bringing your router into the central area of a well-ventilated room. In addition to that, keep your router away from fish tanks, glass, geysers, metal objects, and heavy electrical appliances like televisions, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Solution 5: Reduce the Router-Modem Gap

In the previous solution, you learned that the router’s signals struggle to pass sometimes. Well, they will struggle more if the router is placed away from the modem. Wondering why? Well, both devices communicate wirelessly too. And if the distance separating them is so much that they do not even share a clear line of sight, problems are inevitable. Therefore, you must reduce the gap. However, it should be optimal. Keeping them too close will be an open challenge for their WiFi signals to get involved in a clash.

The Concluding Thought

That’s all you can do if your Netgear AC1200 WiFi router is not connecting to the internet. Since we’ve tried to cover almost every hack that can bring you success, we hope that you will be able to achieve that easily.

However, you must not delay to set up the router again via Remember that routerlogin net has no URL. It will only create ambiguous results. Before that, you must reset the router by pressing the button.