Pros and Cons of an Instagram Business Account

10 Must-Visit European Cities for Art Lovers

When planning a city break, modern travelers consider a range of pros and cons. Are the hotels up to standard? Where are the tastiest places to eat? And what exactly is there to do in the city?

A city’s artistic and cultural heritage plays a super important role in how potential tourists view it. Art, style, and architecture influence our booking decisions; as a result, new museums, galleries, and touring shows pop up in Europe’s capitals at an ever-increasing rate. But once everything’s considered, which city comes out on top? What is Europe’s arty capital?

A recent study by posterXXL, a German company specializing in personalized photo products, might have the answers. PosterXXL assigned scores to European cities based on factors including the concentration of art galleries, the number of buildings designed by famous architects, how many contemporary artists were born in the town, and the number of art schools and art festivals. While the continent’s big-hitting fashion capitals appear in the list, a few entries may surprise—and potentially inspire an alternative artistic escape.10. Paris

The City of Light is a must-visit destination for lovers of art, style and architecture—so much so that a place just within the top 10 shows how much competition there is from other European cities. Gaze upon Monalisa and Venus de Milo in the Louvre, discover Impressionist wonders in the Musée de l’Orangerie, and take time to get lost down the French capital’s back street, looking up at the architectural details fine-tuned over centuries.

Lyon earns its place on the list for its eclectic collection of ferrings, from fine arts to graffiti.

Pros and cons of investing in gold

Gold Coins on Scale

Consider how gold will fit your financial goals and long-term investment plan before you invest.  Getty Images

Gold is often considered a strong asset for diversifying your portfolio and as a safe-haven asset in times of uncertainty. The precious metal can be appealing through periods of economic uncertainty and recession, as well as when inflation runs high. But like any investment, you can benefit from gold most when you understand how it fits within your overall financial plan, and make a strategic allocation, not one based in fear.  

“The ideal time to build and allocate a model portfolio would be in less volatile and stressful times when emotions aren’t controlling decision-making,” says Gary Watts, vice president and financial advisor at Wealth Enhancement Group. After all, “Sailors outfit and provision their boats before the storm.”

One way to figure out if gold is right for you is by researching its benefits and drawbacks as an investment choice. If you’re thinking now is the right time for you to buy gold and prepare for the future, start by requesting a free information kit today. How to invest in gold

Investing in gold can mean buying gold bars or coins. For retirement investors, a gold IRA can be a good option for physical gold investing. But depending on your goals, there may be more liquid, secure or easy options.

“For the average person, owning a fund (i.e., an ETF or mutual fund) that invests in gold is probably the easiest way,” Watts says. “There are funds that invest in gold itself only, others that invest in a combination of metals, and others still that invest in mining operations and the like.”

If you’re using Instagram for your business, you might wonder if creating a business account is worthwhile or if a personal account will suffice. While personal Instagram accounts work well for some small businesses, Instagram added vital features to business accounts to help companies run and grow their operations. We’ll outline the differences between personal and business Instagram accounts and share their pros and cons to help you decide how best to approach the platform for social media marketing and other purposes.What is an Instagram business account?

An Instagram business account tells Instagram you’re using the platform for marketing and business purposes. You’ll build brand authority and gain access to essential features that make it easier to market your business and analyze Instagram activity.

To engage millennials on Instagram, use your posts to show them you’re passionate about your business, create captivating videos and encourage user-generated content.What is the difference between a personal and a business Instagram account?

Most people agree their business should be on Instagram. However, they may wonder whether they should take the extra step of creating a business Instagram account. The primary difference between a personal Instagram account and a business Instagram account is that a business account provides additional features not available in a personal account. 

Some of these extra features include the following:The ability to add swipe-up links to Stories (if the account has at least 10,000 followers)The ability to boost postsShoppable postsInstagram InsightsPromoted postsContact linksPost schedulingAuto posting

If you’re weighing an Instagram business account, consider your company goals and what you want to accomplish through the platform. Are you using it to share content about your business and connect with followers? Do you want a full-featured marketing tool with analytics, insights and other robust features?

Which account type fits your marketing plan and will better help you accomplish your goals?

Businesses need a social media presence to boost brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, promote content and connect with customers.

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