PTE Exam Speaking And Writing Format

After the IELTS exam, the PTE is considered the most preferable language efficiency testing system. The PTE is a 2-hour English test accepted for study abroad, migration, or work. Even now it is also acceptable in Canada for SDS study applications. The PTE Academic is a computer-based test. That is conducted in a safe and friendly test center setting. It evaluates your speaking and written skills, as well as your reading and listening abilities.

 Although the PTE exam is a little bit easy than IELTS. But you have to fully prepare to ace the exam. You have to work hard for PTE exam preparation. Before starting the preparations for the PTE exam. All you want to do is get the whole knowledge about the exam. Such as exam format, question types, scoring system, and many more. In the PTE exam, there are 20 different types of questions. That includes multiple choice questions for essay writing. Moreover, you should review the question formats before your test because each part contains different types of questions.

The test is divided into three sections. To ace the PTE exam you have to be familiar with all three sections. In part one candidate is judged on their speaking and writing skills. Whereas in part two the candidates have to show their reading ability. While in part three, the examiner checks the listening ability of the candidates.  If you are preparing for the PTE Exam and looking for help to get guidance. Then you should join the PTE Online Coaching. This platform provides you with all the necessary information about the exam along with amazing tricks to ace the exam. However, in this article, we shed some light on the first part of the PTE examination.

Have a look at the details of the speaking and writing section of the PTE Exam

Personal Introduction

The Personal Introduction is for you to familiarize yourself with the PTE test technology. This question will not affect your score on the PTE test. You will have 25 seconds for reading the prompt and preparing your response. Moreover, you will have 30 seconds for recording your response. In addition, you can only record your answer once.

Read Aloud

In this question type, all you have to do is read the written text aloud. You will have 30-40 seconds to read your text and get ready. You will hear a short tone and then start speaking. Don’t start talking before the microphone opens, as your voice would not record. Speak clearly. You don’t have to rush. Complete your speech before the progress bar comes to an end. 

Repeat Sentence

You have to repeat the sentence you heard. The audio will play automatically. Repeat the exact words you heard. Speak clearly and do not rush while speaking. In the end, the word “Recording” will change to “Completed”. After that, you cannot replay the audio and record your answer.

Describe Image

In this section, you have to describe the given image. You have 25 seconds for reviewing the image and preparing your response. In the starting you hear a brief tone After the tone, speak immediately. Don’t speak before the microphone is open because your voice won’t record. Moreover, speak clearly with a polite tone. 

Re-tell lecture

In this question type, you need to repeat what you heard. The audio will start automatically. You may see an image associated with the audio. Once the audio finish, you have about 10 seconds to get ready. You will hear a brief tone. After the tone, speak immediately. 

Answer Short Questions

For this type of question, answer in one or two words. The audio will start automatically. You may see an image The microphone will open The recording status box will show “Recording” Speak into the microphone right away (no short tone) Answer one or several words

Summarize Written Text

This item type requires you to write a summary in one sentence. You have 10 minutes to complete your summary. Ensure that the main points of your reading passage include a complete, single sentence of 75 words or more. The word count on the bottom of your screen counts how many words you write. However,  cut, copy, and paste buttons that you can use to construct your summary. 


This item type requires you to write an argumentative essay of 200–300 words in response to the prompt. You have 20 minutes for writing your essay. At the bottom of your screen, the Word Count displays how many words you have written. Make sure you write at least 200 words but not more than 300. However, cut, copy, and paste buttons that you can use while building your answer.

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To ace the exam you should get enough knowledge about the format. 

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