Real-Time Train Coach Position Updates: The Best Way To Stay On Track

Train Coach Position

Staying informed about your train trip is crucial if you travel frequently or depend on trains for transportation.

It enables you to make better travel plans, foresee delays, and guarantee a comfortable journey.

Tracking your train trip is now simpler than ever thanks to technological advances. One such practical tool is the user-friendly app Zoop, which lets you track your train, Check Train Coach Position, and keep track of your PNR status all with a single click.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Zoop is a well-known train tracking app. It offers up-to-the-minute details on things like platform numbers, delays, and train schedules.

How can Zoop effectively track your train trip?

Train tracking in real time:

Zoop tracks trains in real-time using GPS technology and trustworthy data sources. Simply enter your train’s number or name to receive real-time updates on its location, anticipated arrival and departure times, and any delays encountered along the way. This feature makes sure that you are always aware of the location of your train so that you can adjust your schedule as necessary.

Coach Position:

Finding the right coach on a lengthy train can be a real hassle, especially if you’re hauling luggage or taking the family. Zoop makes this process easier by giving you information about the train’s coach position. You can quickly determine which platform your coach will arrive on and its precise location by entering your train number or name. You can easily board your train with this feature, saving you time and effort.

Checking PNR Status:

Checking PNR Status is simple with Zoop. Your ticket confirmation, assigned seat or berth, and other pertinent information are all included in the PNR status. You can view your current status, including whether you’re confirmed, on the waiting list, or covered by a reservation against cancellation (RAC), by entering your PNR number into the app. This feature enables you to keep track of the progress of your ticket and, if necessary, take appropriate action, like canceling or rescheduling.

Additional characteristics include:

For a better train experience, Zoop offers a number of extra features. The route of the train, stopover locations, and significant landmarks are all covered in great detail. 

Additionally, you can create custom alerts for your train to receive notifications of any schedule or platform changes. When you have limited internet connectivity while traveling, Zoop also provides offline support, allowing you to save train schedules and other information for offline access.

Because of its intuitive design, Zoop is usable by all users, even those with little technical expertise. You can easily navigate the app and get to the information you need thanks to its user-friendly design.

To check coach position and PNR status using the Zoop app, follow these steps:

Install Zoop on Your Device: To get started, download and set up the Zoop app from the appropriate app store on your Android or iOS device. Open the application after installation is complete.

Train Selection: A search bar can be found on the Zoop app’s home screen. Tap the search button or press enter after entering your train number or name in the search field.

Details About Your Train: The app will show you the search results for your train. By tapping on the list item, you can choose the proper train.

Coach Position: Several options pertaining to the train’s details will be available to you after choosing the train. Look for and pick the “Coach Locator” or “Train Coach Position” option.

Coach Position Information: The app will allow you to Check Train Coach Position details for the train you’ve chosen. Your coach’s precise location on the platform as well as the platform number where it will arrive will be displayed. With the aid of this information, you can quickly find your coach, saving time and ensuring a smooth boarding process.

Using Zoop, check the status of your PNR

Return to the train details screen or access the app’s Check PNR Status section to view your train’s PNR status.

PNR Number: There is a text field located in the PNR status section. your PNR number can be entered here. To activate the keyboard and correctly enter your PNR number, tap on the field.

After entering your PNR number, select the “Check Status” or a comparable button to check the status of your PNR. Your request will be processed by the app, which will also show the PNR’s current status. Including information about your reservation, your assigned seat or berth, and any waitlisted or RAC status.

More data that you can obtain from Zoop.

You can explore other features of the Zoop app in addition to Check Train Coach Position and PNR status.

Real-time train tracking, train schedules, ticket confirmation, route details, intermediate station information, and customized train alerts are all included in this.


Zoop is a great resource for keeping track of your train schedule, viewing coach locations, and finding out the status of your PNR.

with its coach position feature, real-time train tracking, and convenient PNR status checking. For rail passengers, Zoop provides a complete solution.

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