The curriculum of the Primary School in Singapore

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With the value-added programmes, elementary school students are provided exceptional opportunities to lay a strong foundation and understand the meaning of life. The outstanding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Hey Math! Programs in which kids can learn about subject concepts through hands-on activities and improve their mathematical skills through online tools. This educational programme improves their ability to learn and promotes their creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking talents.

Primary School in Singapore

The Global Montessori Plus, which provides holistic learning opportunities to students in their foundational years, is the award-winning Montessori curriculum at GIIS. GIIS is one of Singapore’s finest Primary Schools because its approach to preschool learning combines the best of classical Montessori philosophy with modern learning demands.

GIIS fosters a strong love of learning among preschoolers in a fun and pleasant environment, allowing them to grow into curious students ready to take on the challenges of the digital world.

Singapore’s educational system takes a practical approach. In Singapore, formal schooling begins at the age of seven in the Primary School years. However, because the government does not regulate pre-primary education, the majority of children attend preschool in the best private school in Singapore. Teaching in Primary School in Singapore is divided into two categories: child care, which the Ministry of Community Development oversees, Youth and Sports (MCYS), and kindergartens, which the Ministry of Education regulates.

Secondary school in Singapore

GIIS follows the Cambridge Curricula making it the best Singapore international school.

What is CLSP?

CLSP (Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme) is a world-class international curriculum for pupils aged 11 to 14. This well-crafted, knowledge-based approach is aimed to promote a global outlook and educate pupils to confront the current world’s difficulties. Students complete grades 6, 7, and 8 under this well-crafted, knowledge-based approach.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) aids in the development of exceptional abilities, knowledge, and understanding among students who wish to pursue an international education path. The curriculum allows teachers to tailor the learning experience for pupils by focusing on abilities such as English language, science, and mathematics, and it prepares a strong foundation for students to pursue higher education at top universities or higher credentials such as IGCSE.

What is IGCSE?

The IGCSE, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a two-year programme for 14 to 16 years old students. The flexible and exciting curriculum increases student performance through creative thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving abilities. This makes the curriculum a great place to start if you want to pursue additional studies in an international curriculum.

From Grade 6, GIIS introduces Cambridge education, which lasts until Grade 10. The school has a curriculum in place that was developed using Cambridge criteria and tailored to the needs of the students.


The faculty collaborates with current and future facilities to build learning processes for Primary and secondary school students in Singapore that engage and connect with them while also assisting in their development. Teachers ensure that local relevance is interwoven with an international perspective to provide more breadth and depth of education.

To encourage all the students to create strong foundations, the intelligent school delivers new and interactive learning methods and brilliant materials. As a Cambridge private school, GIIS has been recognized by worldwide bodies for its high-quality education and best practices. The school is continuously striving to improve its services for the benefit of students.

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