Top Entertainment YouTubers in India

Top Entertainment YouTubers in India

Top Entertainment YouTubers in India

Everybody requires a source of entertainment in their lives. Entertainment has been associated with movies, video games, sports, and music videos in the last decade. However, with a rocketing increase in social media users, people turned to YouTubers because of their regular appearances in their lives via different platforms.

The majority of adults prefer watching sports, news, and movies. At the same time, the young generation loves to watch the content of their favourite social media creators, for instance, their vlogs, game streaming, etc. They resonate with these entertainers because of their similar tastes and familiar upbringing.

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Upsurge in the Vicinity of YouTube

With multiple cultural backgrounds and diverse languages,  India has an audience for varied entertainment content. However, until the 21st century, the dominant sources of entertainment in the industry were television, film, and print media. But as time passes, the top entertainment YouTubers in India have earned a significant place in the hearts of their viewers.

India’s media and entertainment industry has been valued at about 2.34 trillion Indian rupees in 2023, and it will have the largest audience, having spent nearly 194 billion hours on video streaming apps. And the number of YouTube users in India is around 574.28 million, which is forecast to increase by 252.2 million users between 2023 and 2028 (+43.92%).

Contribution of India’s Best YouTube Entertainers

Indian entertainment YouTubers have gained immense popularity because of their witty humour and relatability, storytelling skills, and ability to deliver important messages or brand recommendations with utmost familiarity.

By collaborating with the top entertainment YouTubers, the brands can leverage their ability to support brand value and influence the target audience to trust their products and services by fostering long-term relations. And to finalise the appropriate entertainment YouTubers, brands can seek assistance from the influencer marketing company.

So, now that you get the hype around the best entertainment YouTubers in India, let’s dive into the briefing about some of the best.

List of the Best Entertainment YouTube Channels

Here is a list of some of the top YouTube entertainment channels founded by the wittiest and most entertaining YouTubers:


Round2hell is one of the best entertainment YouTube channels run by Zayn Saifi, Wasim Ahmad, and Nazim Ahmad. So many people from the millennial group have seen this channel grow over the years and captivate such a massive fan base.

Round2hell uploads diversified content, ranging from 1-hour-long short films to comical parodies reflecting on daily life situations, friendship, society, family, etc. Owing to the hilarious content, he has amassed many subscribers, with an average of 66 million views on YouTube.

BB Ki Vines

Now an internet sensation, Bhuvan Bam started his career with YouTube and succeeded in the field of content creation at a very early stage. As one of the top entertainment YouTubers in India, Bhuvan has captivated a huge YouTube audience.

He moved on to the realm of the OTT series and delivered mind-blowing shows like Taaza Khabar, streaming on famous platforms like Disney+ Hotstar. There is still a craze for his iconic characters, like Tittu Mama, among his audience, which has helped him achieve an average of 61 million views on YouTube.

Amit Badhana

Like his fellow entertaining YouTubers, Amit Badhana has also diversified his content with a long series of videos on YouTube. His content mainly revolves around funny skits, mini-YouTube series, music videos, and collaborative videos with celebrities like Katrina Kaif.

With fantastic content and a great sense of humour, he has accumulated a substantial following on different social media platforms, especially YouTube, with an average of 55 million views. 

Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Being one of the best entertainment YouTubers in India. Ashish Chanchlani has outdone himself with his comic timing and great sense of humour. His channel is well-known for its comical parody of famous OTT shows such as Big Boss, Shark Tank, Roadies, etc.

Ashish is among the few Indian entertainment YouTubers who started their content creation journey in the entertainment niche. He has bagged projects with Netflix through his humorous content and constant efforts to entertain his audience. He has an average of 50 million views on his YouTube channel. Where he uploads funny content, including vines, parodies, mini-series, vlogs, etc.


CarryMinati, aka Ajey Nagar, is among the best YouTube entertainers who got fame at a young age. However, nobody can deny the hard work and dedication Ajey has put in to make a name for himself.

He has made a separate fan base with similar tastes with such variation in content in different niches, such as comedy, content creation, rapping, and gaming. Some of his most popular videos include roasting, parody, and music videos, through which he has attained an average of 32 million views on YouTube.

Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal identifies as a content creator, actor, model, and artist who curates entertaining videos and spreads laughter. He makes hilarious multiple-part videos that he constantly uploads on his channel.

He runs one of the top YouTube entertainment channels. And with his wit and humour, he has an average of 16 million views on YouTube.


Mr. Indian Hacker, aka Dilraj Singh Rawat, is among the best YouTube entertainers. Who upload videos of surreal challenges and intriguing content. His videos are entertaining as he performs astonishing tasks like holding 11,000 volts of electricity in his hands on the best entertainment YouTube channels.

His amusing content has captivated a massive fan base across various media platforms. Moreover, he has placed himself among the top entertainment YouTubers in India, with an average of 6 million views on YouTube.


FilterCopy is among the top YouTube entertainment channels that curate content that resonates with their primarily teenage audience. With its relatable content and hilarious scripts, it has accumulated many subscribers on YouTube.

Many well-known creators, like Ayush Mehra, Ahsaas Channa, Devishi Madan, Alisha Chopra, etc., are associated with the channel and often appear on it. With hilarious scripts and entertaining mini-series, FilterCopy has garnered an average of 3 million views on YouTube.


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