Top Money-Saving Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

Eco Friendly Packaging

Packaging is part of each product. It provides protection, and safety to the products as well as works as a marketing tool. Brands spend a lot of money on it to make it aesthetic and stunning to attract customers. In the wake of green solutions, sustainability has become a part of packaging which is not ignorable from the market perspective. Comparatively, the cost of Eco-Friendly Packaging is less than that of non-sustainable material. Because the cost we are paying in the form of climate change is unbearable. Moreover, it has a positive impact on the environment. Owing to the severe impacts of global warming, adopting eco-friendly solutions is always worth it. 

Is Eco-Friendly Packaging Expensive?

The meaning of eco-friendly is that it is a reusable and recyclable material. They have a low impact on the environment in comparison to non-sustainable materials. One of the main reasons behind using non-sustainable materials is that they are affordable. That’s why most companies go for it to avoid extra costs. The upfront cost of Eco-Friendly Packaging is comparatively more than that of non-sustainable packaging material. However, in the long run, its cost will be less than the non-sustainable materials.

Save Your Money With These Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

The protection of the environment is the need of the hour. Single-time plastic use has created the issues of landfills and marine litter. Moreover, waste production in vast amounts is taking up large space. The decomposition process is slow and is creating pollution. Different kinds of diseases are also spreading from these heaps of waste.

Sustainable packaging involves the process of collecting and recycling the packaging. The recycling plants cost a lot as the machinery and the whole procedure take time and demand money for spending. However, once it’s established, it will be affordable and manageable. Here are some money-saving ideas for your environmentally friendly packaging.

Eliminate Extras From Primary Packaging

Most often companies use extra packaging materials to make their products desirable. Where it takes up space, there it costs a lot. Even the shipping cost of the products depends on the size and weight of the packaging boxes. 

Small changes in the packing will be a large reduction in the chain costs of overall supply. Let’s understand it with the example of a food brand that redesigns its burger packaging. They reduce the size of the length and width of the boxes. This small change will allow them to fit more burger box pieces in a case. Overall the reduction cost of transportation will reduce exponentially with the small reduction in single boxes.

Reconfigure The Packaging Design

Eco-Friendly Packaging

It is not always to reduce the size of the packaging. Reconfigure the design in a way that allows more products to nest inside easily. By following this method, the fashion industry could save millions of dollars by reconfiguring the design of their packaging to allow more products to fit in properly. In this way, the cost of material, transportation, cutting, loading, and print design reduce a lot. It will take a little bit of effort to consider each point and angle while designing your product packaging. But this one-time hard work regarding this will lessen the burden on your company budget.

Change the Shipping Cost

There are two kinds of packaging. One is the primary in which the product is packed and the other one is the large yet secondary packaging in which more than one product packs for transportation. For the shipping, we use secondary packaging in which the product is shipped. Besides the primary packaging, the reduction in the size of the secondary also matters a lot. Adding the extra layer of packaging will allow your retailer to fit more products in a single case. In this way, the cost of the shipping of products will lessen which is one of the great ideas to save money.

Purchase Quality Material

Getting quality Eco-Friendly Packaging is the one way to save money. Because the quality shows how much sturdier the packaging is which provides protection to products effectively. Moreover, the changes in damages were also eliminated. The low-quality material costs a lot by damaging your product. Save money with quality corrugated boxes that provide extra protection to your products. Furthermore, more boxes will be put over the others due to their strength. It will make a pallet of multiple cases that will lessen your transportation cost.

Leave a Gap

Doing the smaller changes in the shipping cases will never affect the size of the boxes overall. Most often companies think about using less material in the packaging. However, they are stuck on the issue of whether it will cost them less or not. The main concern is the safe arrival of the products at their destination. One cereal company created a gap in the middle. This gap has not affected their transportation process as they transfer their all products safely. However, this small change is saving them twenty percent of shipping.

Concluding Remarks

The demand for Eco-Friendly Packaging by consumers has increased exponentially. Most often companies avoid practicing sustainability due to extensive procedures and costs. But the cost we pay after that is dangerous. However, overall the cost of environmentally friendly packaging is less if it is done in an intelligent way.

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