Top Tech Influencers in UAE

Top tech influencers in UAE

Top Tech Influencers in UAE

When we wake up in the morning, it’s not the books on the nightstand that we pick first but our mobile phones. It is also the last thing we see when we wind up our day. Technology has formed an integral part of human existence today. It enables the healthcare system to detect the most undetectable diseases and perform the most complex surgeries. Technology has given us easy access to information. We use technology to communicate with our loved ones or cover long distances. We can interact with people face to face without physically being present. The introduction of new technologies also influences our entertainment preferences.

Top Tech brands are investing heavily in research and development, resulting in rapid innovation in existing technologies with shrinking downtime. The desire to present their new products before their competitors prompt many businesses to adopt influencer marketing as the strategy uses the authority and influence of subject matter experts to convince and convert customers faster than traditional promotional tactics. 

Let’s say you need a new phone and are faced with many questions – what phone should I choose? How can I get my desired features for the price range, how long will the phone last, and what’s the battery life? Etc. After a quick internet search, you found some options online. You also start seeing ads as you scroll through your Instagram page – but you still need convincing. Then you see a popular tech influencer breaking down every piece of information you need with creativity, storytelling, and relativity. Now you know the phone that you should purchase. 

Tech brands want to achieve the scenario above with their products; hence they work with the best influencer marketing company in UAE to recruit the following tech Influencers for their marketing initiatives. 

Top Tech Instagrammers in UAE

Faisal Al-Saif

Faisal Al-Saif gives in-depth tech reviews about products from brands like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo etc. The tech genius appeared as a Guest speaker at global Tech events and conferences. Faisal keeps track of the latest tech introductions and has his sights on futuristic innovations. 

One of UAE’s best tech Influencers’ audiences updated with the latest tech news. He has interviewed renowned CEOs, columnists and creators on their views and perceptions about the changing Technology industry. Armed with years of tech experience, Faisal Al Saif creates incredibly detailed and informative comparison videos to help you make informed purchase decisions. He highlights different features and benefits and recommends accessories for maximum use from your gadgets.

Shadi Dawi

Shadi Dawi is one of the most decorated tech journalists who has acquired a loyal following for his unbiased and unfiltered news spanning different Tech verticals. Dawi has appeared as a TedX experience at various institutions and establishments. He meets with world leaders, speakers and CEOs of tech conglomerates to discuss the future of Technology. The people he has interviewed include the founders of Huawei, Western Digital MbuzzTech and Seagate. 

Shadi Dawi organizes training classes to educate and inform budding tech enthusiasts. He has provided his views at Tech exhibitions and events. Furthermore, the tech Influencers’ blogs and vlogs get hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly. You can follow Shadi Dawi on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the best technology updates.

Khaled Zaatarah

Entrepreneur, tech expert, innovator, and digital content creator Khaled Zaatarah is an alum of Harvard and Stanford alumni who has made it his life mission to empower people with the best Tech knowledge. He has interviewed many famous Tech expert CEOs and celebrities, including Tim Cook and DJ Khaled. 

Khaled Zaatarah covers real-time technology news and innovations on YouTube and Instagram. He talks about how the efficient use of Technology impacts human experiences in sectors like health, Sports, hospitality, marketing, research etc.

Khaled Zaatarah is a sought-after personality for businesses from different industries. Ittihad Club, 360 Vuz and Fikra Labs have partnered with Khaled Zaatarah on several promotional campaigns. The UAE tech influencer is the host of a popular tech TV show. He also appears frequently as a guest speaker at global events.

Abdallah Rakha

Abdullah Rakha is another famous tech personality on a list who has made incredible strides in tech news, reviews, unboxing challenges and optimization. He can break down every piece of hardware to its last component and put it back together while explaining every feature and benefit of that gadget. Abdallah Rakha has become a regional celebrity, engaging millions of loyal fans on social media.

Abdullah Rakha discusses known devices like laptops, mobiles, smart watches and headphones – including in-built software and applications. He also speaks about lesser-known devices like electric paper and vacuum robots. The Tech Influencer has featured products from brands like Apple, Huawei, Realme, Oppo, Samsung DJI, Nexus, Xiaomi and PlayStation. He also shares his experience (good and bad), customization tips and mobile hacks. Furthermore, Abdullah Rakha also delves into automobiles. He is a complete technological package.

Youssef A Lawendy

Youssef A Lawendy is among the Tech experts in UAE who are playing a vital role in exposing the vibrant Tech community in the country to the world. He is helping young minds develop their curiosity toward Technology. He creates in-depth tech vlogs, product reviews and unboxing, comparisons and tutorials to educate the masses. Youssef also organizes Q&A sessions to address audience queries and doubts. 

The products Youssef A Lawendy features on his social media handles include mobile phones, earbuds, headphones, laptops and smartwatches. Youssef does durability testing. He shows you how you can transfer data between devices. He shows you how to fix your gadgets at home and reap the most benefits from your gadget’s built-in applications and features.

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