Unique and Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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Often, we neglect and forget to upgrade the look of our bathroom. As a result, it tends to look outdated and no longer functional. So, you need to remodel your bathroom to give it a fresh look. 

If you want to upgrade the vanity in your bathroom, then you should hire a professional bathroom remodeler in your location to get a few unique vanity ideas from them. 

If you are looking for a trusted Sunnyvale bathroom remodeling contractor, then you should hire Edwards Home Remodeling. Now, let us understand a few unique bathroom vanity ideas from our expert bathroom remodelers. 

Nature-inspired Wooden Vanity 

You can use a matt black bathroom vanity unit top to give your bath space a rustic and natural look. Install a metallic drop-in sink with a rustic finish and an antique bronze faucet to double the fun in your bathroom. 

This can be paired with thick black chains that attach the wooden top to the wood-paneled wall with a large mirror. You can choose a square-shaped mirror to enhance the look of the space. 

Space-saving stone vanity with a natural motif

You can use a stone vanity with an antique-looking faucet to enhance the look of your bathroom. This type of vanity is perfect for small bathrooms that help save a lot of space. You can use a circular mirror to complete the look. If you want to go with a natural theme, then team up this vanity with leaf motifs to create a green look in your bath space. 

A Vanity unit that resembles a railway track

This type of vanity unit gives a vintage look to your space. It features a circular metallic sink with an antique faucet. This has a rectangular shape and is made of wooden material. You can find a metallic railway trolley resting on a short length of railway track underneath the vanity. Round mirrors can complement this type of vanity and give a beautiful look to your bath space. 

Modern vanity with pendant lights

This type of vanity comes in white color that features a cabinet with a work of art. This ceramic pedestal sink is shaped like an elongated cup. The cabinet above the sink has a smooth, mirror exterior with built-in holders for hanging towels and holding toothbrushes and other utilities. It also features a contemporary faucet and a trio of pendant lights to complete the look.

A Compact vanity with a natural stone basin

This stone basin is placed on a rectangular wooden block with a hollow interior that can be used in this case for holding towels. The vanity top has enough space to accommodate a wooden tray to hold soap and other bath utilities.

Luxury vanity with attached bath-tub

If you are remodeling your master bathroom, then you can go with this type of vanity idea that will give your space a luxurious look. This floating vanity has a sizable sink and modern faucet that leads into a luxurious bathtub. This vanity gives a simple yet classy look to your bath space. 

Minimalistic one-piece vanity with attached lamps

It has an elongated shape that gives a premium look to your space. It comes in white and feature lamps and towel hangers in it. It has a small sophisticated faucet that is thoughtfully placed above the deepest part of the sink. This type of vanity goes well with circular mirrors with a black paneled back wall. 

All-white double vanity for a master bathroom

This type of double vanity gives you a private space and can accommodate an adult and a kid at the same time. this type of vanity is perfect for a master bathroom with ample space. The vanity provides a lot of space to hold the usual bathroom utilities. 


You can go with either of these vanity ideas to upgrade the look of your bathroom. If you are still confused, then you can hire a professional bathroom remodeler to get the best idea for your bathroom. 

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