What to Look for while Hiring Packers and Movers in Gurgaon

Are you looking for packers and movers in Gurgaon because of shifting needs? If yes, wait a minute. Take a pause. And ask yourself the following question. How can one truly decide if a particular company is the best? Well, can you answer this question? If you cannot, go through this blog. In this piece of writing, get to know about all the qualities that a mover must possess. Or, you cannot hire them because they are incompetent. A removal company must have all the credentials. So, you can make purchases without any reservations. Only the most practical man can make shifting fun. So, let’s start with our discussion.

Practical Experience

First and foremost, ensure practical competence. It is a must that a mover has at least 7 to 8 years of experience. Otherwise, a novice cannot provide a smooth shifting experience. Any business offering transport services below this much experience should be considered a novice. And you aren’t supposed to hire such incompetent fellows. If you hire someone online, ensure offline visits. In other words, don’t just immediately make a deal and pay for the services. First, meet the person individually. Otherwise, what if this company turns out to be a fake?


Every company has to register itself under public laws before getting legal status. In formal terms, it is called the registration or incorporation process. In India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs deals with this subject. So, look for registration. Only incorporated packers and movers are great and legitimate. Don’t ignore the legal aspect. It makes a person trustworthy. It means a firm is already verified by the GOVT. So, you don’t have to do too much hard work to ensure that everything is alright. To ensure that a mover is registered, consider the following. Take the number and use it on the official website of MCA. If it is a legitimate company, all details would show up on the screen.


The GST council in India takes care of tax collections. And it provides taxpayers with a unique identification number called GSTIN. This stands for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. So, this is the next item you have got to look for. Each company must be a genuine taxpayer or it is a fraud. Besides, do checks on other documents as well. As mentioned above, a company must be incorporated under the company act.

Identification Proof

A company has its own IDs, i.e. Company Pan, Company Owner Aadhar Card, etc. So, never ever forget to check them as well. It helps ensure the best service provider. By the way, valid IDs make people trustworthy. Besides, while hiring a service provider on the internet, ensure you consult reputable directories. Don’t consult anyone randomly. It will lead to horrible results. What if you end up with an incompetent person? Well, that would be absolutely wrecking. So, be careful. Furthermore, finalise a deal, only once you have met a moving company in person. Not just the IDs of the company, if you want, check the personal Ids of the owner or shareholders as well. It will give you an extra sense of security.

Effective Communication

Don’t hire a moving company that cannot facilitate good communication among its customers. This is the most crucial factor that makes shifting easy and comfortable. To be more precise, there must be some app or online tool in place. So, you can use it and track progress, transaction history, etc in detail. This way, belongings in transit can be easily tracked to get updates on their whereabouts. Packers and movers in Gurgaon that ensure this facility are the best. You are supposed to deal with them. By the way, here, things might be a little expensive. But it is not the time to go economical. Sometimes, spending a little extra is compulsory for quality services. Cheap services aren’t always good.

Reasonable Prices

Money is the hardest thing to earn. But the easiest one to spend. Well, this is the way of this world. But you cannot afford to expand things beyond your budget. It is important to follow your financial limits. Otherwise, people go bankrupt daily. So, look for cheap and reasonable solutions. Hire a company that offers services befitting your pocket! And as a general piece of advice, don’t make a deal without an intense negotiation session. Always bargain for a better deal. To ensure that, talk to as many service providers as possible. Collect quotations and compare them. Find out which option is relatively the most affordable. This way, always ensure that you get a budget-friendly solution to all your shifting requirements.


Another factor is reputation. Suppose a lot of previous customers despise a particular service provider. They hate him because of unsatisfactory services. Thus, feedback so far also shows negativity. In that case, this dealer has no reputation at all. Ensure positive feedback and hire a reliable shifting company. Negative reviews from customers show that a service provider isn’t that competent. This person is least likely to offer an effortless shifting experience. Besides, while shifting, many tasks have to be carried out and managed. So, it is important that you get a practical and well-trained man under your service. That is why you have got to ensure this reputation. Use online platforms to check feedback, ratings and reviews. Investigate the company on platforms like Quora, Facebook, and other social media websites.

Online Presence

It has been observed across every industry that things have drastically moved online. Businesses have been rapidly taken online. The reason is the changing technology and the level of comfort customers are seeking. So, don’t forget to ensure online presence. Check that a company has a genuine portal on the internet and then only hire its services. And ensure the best packers and movers in Gurgaon. By the way, if you have found a moving company and are about to pay a full advance, hang on! Don’t do that. First, get services and then pay your charges completely. Otherwise, you will lose control over the person.

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